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Eseka: Edgard Mebe Ngo Interrogated



BaretaNews has learned that Minister of Transport Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo, was interrogated on Monday 31st October in regards to the Eseka train accident that left more than 90 dead and 600 wounded.

Cameroon Intelligence Report first disclosed the information to the public. They maintained that the Transport Minister spent several hours responding to some tough questions from the Presidential Commission of Inquiry at the Prime Minister’s office. They included that the Commission members asked Minister Mebe Ngo what role(s) he played prior to the unfortunate accident especially explaining his position as regards to increasing the train waggons.

It should be recalled that after the Mányai bridge, near Matomb, on the Douala-Yaoundé highway collapsed, the transport minister said over the state radio and television that he had “prescribed” to Camrail to take all measures to facilitate the movement of travellers between the two major cities. Minister Mebe Ngo went on to refute his own after the accident and blamed the Cameroon Railway Company instead.

The Commission of Inquiry has 30 days to submit its finding to the President of the Republic. Politicians have criticised the composition of the commission made up of only government officials. Some decry the fact that the Government cannot investigate itself. An independent and mix commission could have played a more impartial role as the current commission. Cameroonians are observing to see if this commission like others will end up in the drawers of government offices with no steps taken.

God is still saying something.


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