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Cameroun: A nation of lies, water and oil can’t mix-Elie Smith









We must not deceive ourselves: Leaders of Southern Cameroon’s and the Republic of Cameroon will negotiate

What pains me are the reactions from well educated Cameroonians. Most, because they want to retain their positions and privileges turns to tinker with the truth. It is not only a Cameroonian palaver. I know since most are dishonest lots, they will dismiss this,if populist leaders and parties are having a field day, it is simply because professional politicians, intellectuals and all those people with high sounding titles have failed us.

One thing they all know is lie and lie. In Cameroon, some so-called intellectuals and politicians would want the world to think the Anglophone crisis began just one year ago. The truth is that,immediately late John Ngu Foncha brought West Cameroonians into the union with the Republic of Cameroon, Endeley’ s prophesy actualized: oil and water can’t mix.

But now, the unified country is facing it worse existential crisis. Some may argue that, it is cyclical, none of all the crisis that modern Cameroon has witnessed can compare with the current. Now, what can be done ?

There’s no magic wand to solve the current anomaly. The only remedy is negotiations. And the world is replete with examples of similar crisis: Quebec versus Canada, Karnak nationalists of New Caledonia versus France .

The negotiated and arrived at a federal status with Quebec have a large contol over its management while the fate of the second will be settled via a referendum this year.

This simply means, we must gear up for negotiations in Cameroon and concessions will be made. There are going to winners and losers. But the most important thing is for peace,stability and prosperity to come back. No one is happy today .

But I am aware and to quote Alexis de Tocqueville, that, the most difficult times comes when any government wants or makes concessions. Why? Because, the opponent see overtures as weaknesses and behaves like Oliver Twist, while those in the government are swords rattling because, they fear, concessions, negotiations means, they risk losing their positions.

That’s exactly where the country currently stands. Most people who are opposed to any forms of concessions or negotiations are those who know their positions are threatened. But both sides will end up talking because none can win on the battlefield.

Elie Smith


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