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Cameroun Doctors To End Three Days Strike Today, Call on Minister of Health To Resign



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On Sunday 14th May 2017, Cameroun doctors started the second phase of the doctor’s strike. The three days strike was to run from Sunday until today, Wednesday 17th May 2017. The peaceful protest is coordinated by the Cameroun Doctors’ Trade Union and the primary reason behind the strike is a call for the Minister of Public Health Andre Mama Fouda to step down amidst the ongoing sudden transfer of health workers to remote areas.

The medical strike was announced early this month by the doctors’ trade union (SYMEC) with supports from the doctors in Cameroun (National Medical Council). An association which the Minister considers illegal and thus any strike action organised by the group is illegal, sources reveal.

BaretaNews gathered that the health practitioners are calling on the Minister to step down following the fact that he is killing the career and performance of health workers. It should be noted that Mama Fouda has been transferring health specialists based in cities to very remote areas. Analysts and onlookers termed it a political scam and thus along with the doctors urged the Minister to go. Succinctly, they said it is difficult for health practitioners who are specialised in treating certain diseases in urban areas to be transferred to remote areas where they will be compelled to treat cases with little mastery.

They also pointed out that it is not a bad idea to transfer health practitioners to these areas, but such transfers should be well coordinated so as not to compromise the career as well as the health of the general population both in urban and rural areas. Most health workers have been transferred to distant locations and the reasons for these sudden transfers are yet to be made public by the Minister. Onlookers look forward to the actions to be taken by the Minister and the doctor’s Trade Union after the strike.


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