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Scared of Nuclear Disaster: All Belgian Residents Must Take Iodine pills.



In order to prevent consequences of a Nuclear disaster, the Federal Health Minister Maggie De Block (Flemish liberal) has said that from next year everyone living in Belgium should have been given iodine pills as a form of protection. Iodine pills protect the thyroid against radioactive iodine that would escape into the air as a result of a disaster at a nuclear reactor. Radioactive iodine is said to cause thyroid cancer

It should be recall that everyone in Belgium that lives within a 20 kilometre radius of a nuclear power station is given iodine pills. However, this will change from next year as the High Council for Health advises that the 20km radius is too small and thus, those living within 100km radius of a nuclear power station should be given free iodine. This is so because with nuclear power station in Belgium and neighbouring countries will mean all citizens must be covered apart of one square centimetre which would not be covered.

However, an official decision will be taken later this year when the Nuclear Disaster Plan is reviewed. Once the plan is approved, iodine tablets will be taken to pharmacies all over the country.

BaretaNews suggests that this proposal is coming at a time multiple terrorists attacks had visited Belgium as the government takes moves to protect all Nuclear reactors side to prevent it falling into the hands of terrorists who might use it to cause havoc within and without the national territory. However, the minister said the change was as a result of the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.BaretaNews applauds the Belgian government for being proactive.
God is still saying something.

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