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Finnish Authorities To Host 2 days Diplomatic Seminar on Southern Cameroons Question



Finland shall be host to a two days (June 15-16) dialogue seminar on mediation and conflict resolution. The Seminar will focused on the Southern Cameroons crisis.

This seminar is coming after the former interim Consortium leader Mr. Mark Bareta representing the Consortium had a meeting with the Finnish Parliarmentarian MEP Haavisto. It is a continuation of Consortium endeavour to seek mediation and a diplomatic solution to end and get a solution to the on going Southern Cameroons crisis which started since 1972 when the fraudulent federal structure of both Cameroons was illegally and unconstitutionally changed and put the people of Southern Cameroons in a compromising situation that has made them victims of marginalisation and institutional discrimination by the majority run government. This seminar is the sole initiative of the Southern Cameroons Community in Finland as a diplomatic follow up with institutions in Finland to help mediate in the crisis.

The conference is being organised by MEP Pekka Haavisto and Aland Peace institute. Finnish Foreign Ministry, Finnish Crisis management Initiative (CMI) shall attend. It shall be attended by top personalities from the Southern Cameroons Liberation Movements including the unity front SCACUF

The objective of the seminar will be to to:

1) To seek mediation or an intervention process to initiate a possible solution to address the devastating Southern Cameroons crisis.

2) To seek the Finnish Government to take up the Southern Cameroons case to the European union and UN

3) To seek the Aland example implemented in Cameroons with the help of Finland

4) To seek humanitarian support from Finland and Aland government to help victims of the Crisis in Cameroon and on exile in Nigeria.

5) To raise awareness about this situation and call on the international community and media to look into the interim PM position of Southern Cameroons by lobbying the Finnish government to continue batting and recognise southern Cameroons Independence when declared
Second point as well as seeking the Finnish government and other European countries to accept and host the interim PM when elected.

BaretaNews uses this opportunity to salute Southern Cameroons Community in Finland for this great move. Victory is certain.

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