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Are Cameroonians Politically Confuse?



Everyone knows that Cameroonians need change. How can such change be achieved? The change can only come if Cameroonians rally behind an opposition leader. It can be achieved through civil disobedience to force Biya out of office or through the democracy by means of a ballot box which is somewhat farfetched in the Cameroons. Cameroonians feel more comfortable with the later, but yet Cameroonians do not trust Cameroonians. BaretaNnews understands the frustration with the political process because the regime in place has made people be fed up, but should people from the Cameroons give up?
BaretaNews like others has been posting information concerning various opposition leaders. When it is about Fru Ndi, Cameroonians say he is old and works with Biya. He should go. When it is Kah Wallah, they say she is coming only when elections approaches. She is not fit to be President. Some say she is not morally sound to lead Cameroon.
As for Kamto Maurice, they say he was part of the Biya regime and would just continue the status quo. As far as Ayah Paul is concerned, Cameroonians say he is lost already. As for UPC, Cameroonians complain of the supposed factions within the Party. USDP of Prince Ekosso, Cameroonians say he is very young and lack experience. When the name of Joshua Osih is mentioned, others say he does not have support in his hometown, others say he has a business relationship with Biya’s son and cannot lead. For Christopher Formunyoh, Cameroonians say he is USA sponsored and lacks political base. For Dr Susungi Nfor, Cameroonians say he is an internet hero.
When it comes to other smaller opposition parties and their leaders, the same is true. The only argument is that they are all part of the Biya’s regime. How then will change come? Cameroonians say they need a completely new breed of politicians, yet they cannot even support young people who show their heads up. WhenTata Kwawi mentioned he was running for parliament and supposedly under UNDP, hell broke loose on social media. What do Cameroonians really want? Those who are fighting for an independent Southern Cameroons are much divided as the opposition in the Cameroons itself, there is no ground strategy back home.
Folks, the reality is that it does not work that way. Cameroonians cannot just do away with this current batch of politicians abruptly even if Biya leaves office. It has to be slowly yet efficient and transition from this generation ( whether government or opposition) to the Android generation.
Yet everyday Cameroonians on social media are hoping for a united opposition leader to challenge Biya. Cameroonians are hoping for the messiah to free them. Should Cameroonians just surrender the Cameroons to Paul Biya to do away with it as he deems fit? If Cameroonians cannot trust opposition leaders then why do they even want Paul Biya out? Cameroonians must learn to trust and hope on some few. It seems everyone is being dished off.
In this business of political change, you just have to sometimes trust and pray for the best. There is nothing like absolute truth within a political process and those who champion it. It is important that Cameroonians support the opposition leaders who at least are talking and same time trying to do something on the ground. Castigating them always does not help, it helps only Biya. I do not know what to say further, but Cameroonians got to just try. DO NOT GIVE UP.
These politicians need your support.
God is still saying something.
‪#‎StopBiya‬, ‪#‎NoToBiya‬

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