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Buea Military Chief Moja Moja Promises Though Days For Incarcerated Ambazonian Leader



Moja Moja Promises Though Days For Incarcerated Ambazonian Leader

By Mbah Godlove

Whereas many Ambazonians wonder why firebrand leader, Abdul Karim Ali was abducted and detained under inhumane conditions, it is increasingly certain that Cameroun Buea Military Chief Moja Moja ignited sentiments that resulted in his arrest.

Days after being whisked off on Thursday August 11, colonial soldier, cum traditional ruler, Eko John aka Moja Moja in a videotape revealed that Abdul Karim will face his wrath.

The Muslim scholar is amongst some courageous Ambazonians who have been challenging Moja Moja’s degrading inhumane treatments meted out on some denizens in Buea.

Moja Moja is notorious for torturing youth from the Northern Zone who are residing in Buea.

He often labels them as terrorists, before kicking and beating them mercilessly on several occasions.

For openly making a critic of Moja Moja’s cruel treatment, Abdul Karim Ali is now detained at the Bamenda colonial military prison in confinement.

BaretaNews understands that he has not only be denied food, but is forced to sleep on bare floor.

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