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We recalled that the Ministry of Higher Education on the 27th of July signed an agreement called “e-National Higher Education” with the Chinese company Sichuan Telecom Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. The said agreement was said to deliver laptops to each University student in state Universities.

The signed project stood at 75 billion granted by China Exim Bank. Also, Jacques Fame Ndongo, Minister of Higher Education said students will receive the computers promised by the Head of State between February and March 2017.

Though the release of these mini laptops (computers) is long overdue, students thought they will receive the laptops by October. However, a voice note from the Vice-Chancellor, UB, Dr. Nalova Lyonga leaked to BaretaNews by a source suggested that these computers will not be distributed to all students, some will stay with the University.

We, however, note that originally this was not the agreement. Though we had earlier written that it was better to equip the University Libraries with laptops rather than issuing individual laptops, we of this platform think the VC just confirmed to the Cameroonian people that these computers will not be released to the students at least not all. Some of the students who took part in the thank you demonstration would graduate without enjoying the largesse of the President, others will NOT even receive at all. Were the students fooled by the Minister? The UB VC might have just confirmed.
Listen to the VC’s audio.

God is still saying something.

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