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Confessional Schools in Ambazonia Going on Break as Political Tension Mounts

Confessional Schools Ambazonia

Confessional Schools in Ambazonia Going on Break as Political Tension Mounts

Confessional and lay private schools in Ambazonia have started closing down for a short break, as political tension mounts in the territory ahead of the colonial presidential elections in French Cameroun. The insistence of the colonial regime of French Cameroon to organized its farce presidential election in the sovereign State of Ambazonia against the will of the people and the determination of the Ambazonia Restoration forces to stop the said elections has generated a very tense political atmosphere.

As both sides prepare for a fire showdown, there has been a mass movement of people out of major towns and cities in Southern Cameroons Ambazonia for fear of the unknown. Few days to the start of the implementation of the Restricted movement policy of the Ambazonian Interim Government and other pro-independence groups, some confessional Borden Schools have sent out messages inviting parents to pick up their children latest September 19, 2018.

Among the schools that have so far sent out messages are the Presbyterian Girls Secondary School (PGSS) Victoria (Limbe) and Saker Baptist College Victoria (Limbe). In a text message to parents, the Principal of PGSS;

“…appreciate the sense of confidence you have for us. We think it is our responsibility to take decisions that protect the students. That is why we are calling on you to pick up the children on Wednesday 19/09/2018 at 7:00am and bring them back on Friday 12/10/2018…”

In a similar message, the principal of Saker Baptist College writes; “Dear Parents, due to persistent calls and pressure from parents, and in agreement with the PTA EXCO, Saker Baptist College is going on a short break as from the 18/09/18. Therefore, parents should come pick up their children between 8 am and 2 Pm…”   

The decision by these schools to go on break is coming just a day after unknown gunmen attacked one of the bourgeoisie confessional schools – St. Joseph College Sasse in Buea, Ambazonia’s Capital and got students beaten, wounding some. The incident is reported to have happened under the nostrils of about 25 French Cameroun colonial soldiers drafted to provide security for the school. This has raised a lot of unanswered questions as to how the armed men were able to attack the heavily guarded school.

The whole of Ambazonia has emptied itself into French Cameroon and Nigeria. It is only the courageous and those who have nowhere to go that is left in the territory. The school authorities, therefore, realize that it is highly risky to continuously keep the children in these schools under the present tense political and psychological atmosphere not conducive for any kind of learning to take place.

James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analysts




1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bonie

    September 18, 2018 at 8:28 AM

    Ambazonians have care and compassion showing such a genuine gesture to safeguard their children in a time of biya’s the butcher colonial french puppet whose francophone regions are all inhumane, barbaric people, the people of Southern Cameroon has come to realise that their Independence is human rights freedom from french Cameroon, biya has become too big headed over the will of the people,no one man owns a country especially someone who has regress the country,he does not abide to any international Laws,he has no care and compassion towards his citizens, his entire country is embarrassing slum, basically the man has nothing positive to show for in his over 45 years as a politician,CPDM Cameroonians live a life of bribery, corruption,drunkards appeasing idiots to a unpatriotic dictator who kills and jail them as he wishes without accountability,how can biya be the head of the entire Cameroon government and people?every civil servant is scared of him,when did Cameroonian citizens lost their human right of freedom and self existence as human beings to one butcher dictator?Southern Cameroon will never hold any election for a butcher dictator french Cameroonian biya who declared war on them,they will fight for total independence till thy kingdom come.

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