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Interim Government Condemns Sasse College Attack, Says Cameroun Sponsored Militia To blame






The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia (Former British Southern Cameroons, present-day North West and South West Regions of Cameroon) has vehemently condemned the attack on students and staff in Saint Joseph College Sasse-Buea, Fako County.

Worthy to recall that, on Sunday night breaking Monday 17th, September 2018, armed disguised men stormed the Sasse college Campus, rounded up students and staff, got some beaten as some students escaped into town sustaining wounds. The attack has been widely condemned from all sectors of Southern Cameroons society. It has been a shocking experience what students of this institution went through. As a result, many confessional and private schools are shutting down their schools temporarily until after the Cameroun Presidential elections.

IG Press Release On School Attacks

The Interim Government in its Press Release blamed the attack on French Cameroun troops as well as their sponsored militia on Sasse Campus. The Interim Government says though they endorsed schools resumption on the basis that parents make their decisions with respect to the security situation, they lamented that they do not have the means to provide security at this moment to students who choose to go to school as the Ambazonia War of Independence escalates. The Interim Government went on to advise parents to continue keeping their children home until their safety is guaranteed while wishing those who sustained injuries a very quick recovery.

It should be recalled that activists have also condemned the attack immediately as it happened. One such is Mark Bareta, BaretaNews CEO and Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia activist who on his Facebook page on 17th, September 2018 condemned the attack and said schools, churches, hospitals are no-go areas and must be protected from attacks. Mark Bareta says, such attacks constitute acts of war crimes and called on perpetrators of such a move no matter their origin to stop.


Mark Bareta

BaretaNews Analyst


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