BaretaNews Today’s Updates: Vatican Offers To Mediate In Cameroons Conflict Amongst Others

mass murder scheme in ambazonia

BaretaNews Updates 5/3/2019
1. Vatican offers to mediate between Cameroun and Ambazonia. This message was made known to Cameroun External relation Minister. However, will Cameroun accept? Even if they do, how genuine is vatican when the Southern Cameroons leadership has not been approached?

2. The #NAAK19 team remains focused on the price. Ambazonians are coming together strongly to upgrade the tools of our heros on ground zero. Funding details Cashapp: 2405066294, PayPal:, Bank acct: 446033210609, Swiftcode: BOFAUS3N

3. The European Union has once again sent out a Press Release castigating dictator Paul Biya. They condemned the detention of Kamto and co and spoke bitterly about the killing of Civilians in Southern Cameroons. How far can they go with real actions remain the question on every lips

4. Women from the Northern and Southern zones of Southern Cameroons have written an open letter stating that they will not take part in this year’s women’s day celebration owing to Cameroun nonchalant attitudes in refusing to resolve what they called ‘Anglophone crisis’. However, Ambazonia fighters have declared the day a ghost day while banning all celebrations in ambaland.

5. Sisiku Auyk Tabe and Nera team abducted in Nigeria have have just christened a new slogan for the revolution going forward in their joint missive letter to the public. They declared it is INDEPENDENCE OR RESISTANCE FOREVER. BaretaNews is hereby adopting this catch phrase as our leading slogan going forward

6. Bui County has been under hell these past days. Cameroun forces have been burning homes, indiscriminate killings, abducting families and relatives of fighters and kill them immediately etc. Bui bleeds

7. Biya fights to control the narrative as military spokesman colonial Didier Badjeck fails in his mission.The pathological liar Colonel Didier Badjeck has been sacked by Mr. Biya. These are all indicators Cameroun is losing the war. Biya should be looking for next liar to control his narrative after giving a KO by Ambazonians.

8. Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine cum Barrister Ayah Abine has done justice to his conscience, family and people of Ambazonia by resigning as PAP Chairman citing the killings and atrocities in Southern Cameroons

9. Cameroun security forces have set more than 40 houses ablaze in Mbukop Quarter,Taku village Donga MANTUNG County. We are told a civilian by name Nganyu Donatus was brutally murdered by Biya’s militia

10. Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and team go to court on Thursday, March 7th, 2019. We are yet to see how the Abuja court will play in Thursday court session. Ambazonians at home as usual will be ghosting the cities and villages in solidarity

Mark Bareta



  1. malis

    March 5, 2019 at 11:21 PM


  2. sunshine

    March 6, 2019 at 12:01 AM

    Small Nobi Sick

    Not by might or power but by MY SPIRIT, SAYS THE LORD.
    The might and power of the despot biya will eventually fail and collapse his crime syndicate called in french cameroun. As UN looks the other way and does nothing about the extermination of British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia), the remnant still remaining will RESIST to the END!!! Eventually this will be where the bir, Chadians and French army will go to meet their end.

  3. Sunshine

    March 8, 2019 at 7:17 PM


    biya, in his deception, brutality and arrogance said the form of the Cameroun state CANNOT be debated in 2016. Now a more powerful person (Ambassador Nagy – US) just told Biya that the governors of the Northwest and Southwest regions have to be voted by the people of those regions. During the past two years, Biya has killed and maimed more than 5000 Ambazonians, and continue to neutralize them with more than 3 million displaced after he declared war on the two English speaking regions. Is Biya going to back down or continue his genocide on the English Speaking minority for PEACEFULLY suggesting that the form of Cameroun state be debated or changed to be more inclusive of the English Speaking Minority?

    Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians) have been treated with scorn and brutality each time they suggest the way forward for inclusiveness since 1961 and should be fooled to think they can co-exist with french Cameroon – that treats them like a colony of slaves (black on black colonization). Never! and Never again! What is happening now in the two English Provinces; the killing and maiming of innocent Ambazonians by Biya’s soldiers will never stop until Ambazonia is finally seated among the nations of the world at the UN. THIS IS NONE NEGOTIABLE!!!

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