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Fru Ndi Reaffirms Anti-Ambazonian Stance: Says SDF Must Participate In Elections, Ambazonia Forces Welcome The Challenge



Fru Ndi Reaffirms Anti-Ambazonian Stance, Says SDF Must Participate In Elections

By Mbah Godlove

The Chairman of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), Ni John Fru Ndi says his party will take part in the upcoming local elections convened by the colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun. The political opposition leader made the statement during an interview conducted by Christ Anu on the Ambazonian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) recently. This means that Fru Ndi just like any other persons participating in this election have chosen their sides, declared war on the Ambazonia people. A position where the Ambazonia Forces and its people will reciprocate without fear and shall not blink nor regret in any actions carried out.

Fru Ndi revealed that it would be unwise to boycott next year’s municipal and legislative elections because his party needs to produce representatives who will defend the interest of Southern Cameroonians against Biya’s dictatorial rule, representatives who will continue subjugate Ambazonians to colonial rule. The party has failed to understand the objective of the revolution and this comes with consequences

He claimed that the rate of “Anglophone marginalization” would have been higher if he had withdrawn his parliamentarians from French Cameroun’s National Assembly.

He vowed that he will never ask his parliamentarians to quit the colonial hand-clapping parliament in Yaounde.

The Bamenda based politician unequivocally stated that Honorable Joseph Wirba was dismissed owing to what the chairman called “disrespect of party rules and regulations”.

The daring Hon. Wirba who is described as an architect of the Ambazonian revolution, according to Fru Ndi, unilaterally organized an “illegal” tour in Bui county under the banner of the SDF after tabling the Southern Cameroons problem in parliament in 2017.

Despite having suffered at least two arrests in the hands of Ambazonian fighters, Ni John Fru Ndi has maintained his resolve to continuously stifle the Ambazonia’s independence quest.

It remains largely unclear how militants of the SDF contesting in the upcoming local elections intend to go about their campaigns given that any elections organized by the colonial regime has been banned in all 13 counties of Ambazonia.

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  1. Dewa

    November 16, 2019 at 1:18 PM

    FRU NDI IS INSANE BECAUSE HE DIDN’T Understand ANYTHING that has to do with the FUTURE of SOUTHERN Cameroonians (Amazonians)
    He is close to his grave. So he is trying to strike out that everlasting fire in the 13 countywide Ambazonian Regions.
    I advise the Family of the Fru Ndi to frankly tell him what the British Cameroon is.
    And why we are in this Revolution..
    Because to me, he is a great disgrace to his own Race 🏁 and Amazonians over the world.

  2. Mukong

    November 16, 2019 at 10:57 PM

    Fru Ndi is just an opportunist who uses rhetoric to confuse some Ambazonians. Dr. Asanga sounded the alarm, followed by Dr Asonganyi as well as others as to the double dealing of this impostor call Fru Ndi yet many continued to give him the benefit of the doubt. Now we have to reap the fruits of our complacency.
    To imagine that many have loss their lives to make this man relevant and now he has the audacity to dare the Ambazonian people? This just confirm the fact that the stubborn fly will surely follow the corpse to the grave; hence Ambazonians should not worry about this man for he wants to blame his dead on the restoration forces. Please we should not play into his game plan.

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