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BaretaNews Today’s Updates: January, 16th 2019






BaretaNews Today’s Updates: January, 16th 2019
1. A FEDERAL High Court in Abuja, Nigeria, Hon. Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu will on the 21st January, 2019 open hearing in the matter between Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and nine others against the National Security Adviser and Attorney General of the Federation of Nigeria, for the enforcement of their Fundamental Rights
2. The Belo LGA is bereaved. The Mayor Benard Tosam Nenghabi is said to be no more. He died today in Cameroun capital Yaounde after a protracted illness, we are told. The Belo LGA Council lay in ruins for months as a result of the ongoing war. The Mayor like others had repeatedly left the area.
3. The Ambazonia Governing Council-AGC in a strongly worded communique has condemned the chopping off fingers of civilians who were caught in Tiko LGA pretending to be Ambazonia Fighters attacking and extorting money from Denizens. The AGC says all liberation actors must employ international human rights norms in the pursuit of this revolution and cannot at this time treat those wanting in any inhumane manner.
4. A top-rated international lawyer and scholar, Dr. Jonathan Levy, has written to the California-based Nsahlai Emmanuel law firm and ordered it to publicly apologize for making false accusations and preposterous statements against its client — the Southern Cameroons Defense Forces, Dr. Ebenezar Akwanga and Mr. Ajong Divine or else risked being sued
5. Ambazonians especially those from Mezam are very worried that Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces are making it very difficult for them, especially when it comes to burying their loved ones. They decry that most relatives are buried out of home. Most who wrote to BaretaNews begged that Restoration Forces should consider this and build up an effective person oriented community so as to continue to enjoy the vast support they once had from the mezam community.
6. Barrister Agbor Nkongho yesterday addressed and briefed the United States Embassy to Cameroun in Yaounde. We are told recounting the conflict between the Cameroons, he recommended and called for a REFERENDUM as the only sustainable solution to bring the war to an end
7. Secretary Chris Anu, Ambazonia Interim Government Communication Secretary writes “ABC AMBA TV IS SWAPPING STUDIOS, SHOULD BE BACK LIVE ON OR BEFORE WEDNESDAY JAN. 16 – STAY TUNED” We await the TV back on air today.
8. Report says uneasy calm has now returned to Mile 4
Bonadikombo – victoria after armed men attacked some schools in the locality today, bringing a halt to the said schools in that locality from taking place.
9. The Eden Newspaper is reporting that the Wives of Cameroun military officers are increasingly living in fear as a result of the war in Southern Cameroons. The paper claims they go to bed being afraid of news of their husbands being killed, wounded or armed men targeting them for the fact that they are of the military family
10. Ambazonia fighters have reportedly stepped up their vigilance to pick up rogue ones harassing civilians, kidnappings, etc. Recently we have seen videos coming from Bamenda, Muyuka etc of guys caught impersonating Ambazonia fighters. However, this has not come without a price as most caught are being harshly treated by genuine Amba boys, a call for concern for most people who worried about the human rights situation. BaretaNews wonders if this could easily be avoided as Ambazonia fighters are increasingly worried actions as these turn the community support away from them.
Mark Bareta

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