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BaretaNews Today’s Updates: Ayah Foundation Narrates The Truths






BaretaNews Today’s Updates: January 17th, 2019

1. Today makes exactly two years when Consortium leaders were abducted from their residence in Buea and whisked off to Yaounde. On same day internet was cut off. Same day saw Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku coming as Interim Consortium leaders. That movement from Cameroun government on 17th January, 2019 marked the beginning of the transformation process and took 95 percent of Ambazonians to embrace separation as the only end point.

2. Saturday, 19th, January 2019 will also make two years since Mancho Bibixy has been in jail. He is currently serving a long prison term. Ambazonians have insisted that until all Southern Cameroonians abducted in the course of this war are released, there is no end to sight.

3. Bui warriors today in a joint task force neutralised 5 Cameroun Defense Forces. Battle has been there off and on. It should be recalled that in Bui County, ADF, ASC and other Independent Forces have unanimously agreed to be referred to as Bui Warriors. Thus, whenever BaretaNews uses this appellation, we are thus referring to these joint units.

4. Biya calls for regional elections (Parliamentary, Council) in Cameroun without any dates specifics. However, those elections are banned in Southern Cameroons. Anyone engaging in such elections in Southern Cameroons is automatically considered for committing a treasonous act against the state of Southern Cameroons. We are confident that nothing as such will happen in the land of milk and honey

5. “Mindful of the traveling difficulties to meet our beloved brothers and sisters in Kumba, Mamfe and Buea, the Management of the Shisong Cardiac Center has organized screening and consultations of people with heart related conditions at the St. Padre Pio Hospital (Akwa Nord) – Douala from the 23rd – 24th January 2019 at 8am daily. This is intended to bridge the traveling distance for those residing in the SW Region who can possibly meet our Mobile Cardiac Consulting team in Douala. Thanks for your kind understanding. Trusting God to continue to protect and sustain us in times like these. Kindly give this information the widest publicity you can to enable those with cardiac related problems benefit from this opportunity.” writes St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital/Cardiac Center, Shisong

6. Ashu Kingsley, IG ASC Fako Brigade Commander tweeted “A Potential Shutdown of Southern Cameroons From 1st to 12 February 2019 is Now Inevitable. Take Measures To Stay Safe !”

7. The Ayah Foundation has published a number of truths. Truths we all agree. “The TRUTH!Just rounded up a 3-hour long meeting with some diplomats on invitation during which I told them nothing but blunt TRUTHS much to their disbelief:
– There’s no way the crisis can be resolved without freeing ALL detainees with Ayuk Tabe top on that list- Ayuk Tabe is the undisputed JOKER for a return to normalcy. Use him or rather, Ignore him at your own risk.- There can be no genuine disarmament without a ceasefire; both of which MUST be negotiated or doomed to fail.- Those you invite here don’t speak the TRUTH. They feed you with half truths or simply good lies.- The AGC has no control over the situation on the ground. Go talk with/to the diaspora and to those in detention.
– Arms are doing the talking in our regions now with the only safe town being Limbe proper in all anglophone Cameroon. – The atrocities committed in our regions weren’t even committed during the world wars. They have exceeded all records.Etc….Ayah Foundation”

8. Global Responsibility to Protect Report again accused Cameroon of widespread and systematic attacks against Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia civilians; calls for urgent international response and mediation to end the war and abate the crimes

9. “January 17, 2019. Recurrent loud gunshots around us here (Buea). Precise direction not known. Even as I am writing these words! In God we trust” Ayah Paul Abine writes

10. BaretaNews has received shocking news of Southern Cameroonian refugees in Ghana who live in uncompleted buildings and under bridges. The situation in Ghana in regards to our refugees is getting worse by the day, especially as the number keeps increasing by the day. Till this day they have not received any relief assistance neither from the Ghana Refugee Board (GBR) nor from the UNHCR. Unfortunately their attempts to convince Ghana Refugees Board leaves them in pains. We are therefore appealing to the people of Ambazonia and people of goodwill to do us the following favours. Here are Telephone numbers of the Ghana Refugee Board office to call: +233307038502 or +233307038503. Call them during working hours and talk respectfully to them. They need it.

Mark Bareta

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