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Just In: Barrister Agbor Nkongho Visits Sisiku AyukTabe

Assasination Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe




Barrister Agbor Nkongho Visits Sisiku AyukTabe

Consortium emeritus President, Agbor Nkongho-Balla has announced that he has finally spoken with President Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe. Balla in a recent Facebook post writes:

“I was at the Principal Prison Kondengui-Yaoundé to visit Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, Eyambe, Tassang and the others. They are doing great and we had a very positive discussion. Let us put them in our prayers.”

We at BaretaNews thank Balla and we are happy to know our leaders are doing ok, strong and healthy. We continue to call for the unconditional release and that of all other Southern Cameroonians.

God Bless Ambazonia.

Mark Bareta



  1. Sunshine

    December 17, 2018 at 8:49 PM

    Is president biya of the french cameroun republic a fool?

    biya is not wise and thinks killing and keeping Ambazonians in jail over 1500 now will do his trick. biya failed big time and will never get Ambazonians to be part of his corrupt french cameroun republic. At moment, biya is being humiliated by the international community for refusing to negotiate with Ambazonia. biya has no way out. biya can do nothing now but create more empty commissions which will never work. biya the hunter has become the hunted. Every step he takes ridicules him and his criminal bir and police as they are being hunted down with dane guns. What will take biya to the table? Nothing will take biya to the table to negotiate now because he knows the outcome…Ambazonians have claimed their legitimacy and will keep their new nation. biya’s every turn has shown how arrogant, foolish and inexperienced he was and is, in handling the Ambazonian issue. It’s Ambazonia or Nothing. bye biya.

  2. Mukong

    December 18, 2018 at 2:00 AM

    Thank you Barrister Agbor Balla for a good job of allowing the world to know of the conditions of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and some of his cabinet members.
    Sadly enough that some are constantly calling for negotiation to be initiated by the Beti thug Biya who knows only one thing which is how to live large in the international hotel in the country of the chameleons call Swiss. The sooner we come to the realization that Biya is clueless as to the happenings around him, then will we be better prepared to prosecute the war to liberate our land.
    In the main time, let the defenders of our homeland know that we are proud of them for keeping the excecess of the LRC criminals in check.

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