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Bamenda Shall Rise Against Bishop Kleda



For almost two thousand years, the Catholic Church has successfully withstood the machinations of evil men, both from within and without. From the thrones of mighty empires to the pulpit of St. Peter’s Basilica, cunning men have sort personal glory, wealth and power against this ancient, yet resilient institution. And almost always, it ended in their doom. Biya and Kleda are not far behind.

Ash Bishop Kleda’s ongoing mission to the Anglophone dioceses is reminiscent of an attempt to rescue a sinking boat without its passengers. Why should Catholic schools resume when lay private and even government run schools remain closed? Why on earth should schools reopen in May after staying close for almost six months? Does he really think Biya’s government cares more about Anglophone children than their own parents?

Why call for an end to ghost towns while prisoners of conscience and the innocent remain behind bars? Did he raise a colorable finger when the Anglophone regions were cut off from the internet? Or did he call for justice when the military raped our sisters, strewed our streets with corpses and dredged our soil with gore? The Catholic Church has always stood up for justice, it has always won. This Church Bishop Kleda represents is strange to me, his mission is doomed.

It saddens me to anticipate the spectacle of a prelate under humiliation from sections of his supposed faithful. Bishop Kleda should expect a show down at the Bamenda Cathedral hall on Friday. There shall be no “Yes your grace”. If he doubts, let him ask the Prime Minister.

Lontum Nchadze

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