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Scandal in Buea: “Homosexual” Teacher Rapes Blind Pupils




BaretaNews is getting update that a social worker and chief of After Care at the Buea Rehabilitation Institute for the Blind, Mbouehe Manga, is on the run after being accused of allegedly raping the visually impaired children at the centre. Parents of the pupils on May 28, 2016 were seen wailing at the centre. It is reported that Buea police were brought in to arrest the situation and they in turn assembled the group of the allegedly raped visually impaired boys for questioning. The ages of the boys are between 7 and 17.

One of the minors who narrated the ordeal said Mbouehe has been doing so since 2014 but threatened to kill or expel any of them from school if they tried speaking out. Mande Ntone, one of the parents blamed the centre for covering the act even after having knowledge of it since 2014.

Barrister Mfontem Ozongashu is said to be the person who uncovered the Sodomy acts at the Bulu Blind School and then informs the Attorney General, SWR. Barrister Mfontem asserted that he got the information from an authority in Yaounde that Mbouehe Manga was an alleged pedophiliac and Sodomist. Barrister Mfontem will then investigate and realised that his findings were solidly grounded. Buea authorities were then called in because of the solid evidence against Mbouehe Manga. The pupils had confided in Barrister on how Manda had been sexually assaulting them as well as the girls.

The Director of the Buea Rehabilitation Institute for the Blind is currently under police custody. BaretaNews noted that the school was aware of this since 2014 and the director had earlier in 2014 wrote a letter to the Southwest Regional Delegate of Social Affairs, the DO of Buea and the Southwest Governor complaining about the issue. However, it has been revealed that the complaint was forwarded to Yaounde and it is still lying on the Minister’s table. BaretaNews wonders how could a complain of this magnitude be sent to Yaounde without local authorities arresting the situation? How could the Minister receives such a complain and sits quiet without doing anything? And how could the school allows the said teacher to be around for those years after such a complaint? The Cameroons system is fucked up.

BaretaNews hopes this teacher is arrested and something must be done as fast as possible. This is not normal at all.

God is still saying something.

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