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Bamenda Population Poised to Eliminate Thievery Amid Rising Insecurity



Bamenda Population Poised to Eliminate Thievery Amid Rising Insecurity

By Mbah Godlove

Insecurity has gradually become the new normal in Bamenda, the capital of the Northern Zone, but the population is resolved to put an end to it.

In recent weeks, numerous residents have been robbed, with some incidents occurring in broad daylight. People have been harassed in taxis and even while shopping in the market.

A recent incident involved a bike rider attempting to snatch a woman’s handbag around Mile III Kwen. However, the local population refused to let this happen in their presence. According to sources, the woman shouted for help, and nearby individuals intervened to rescue her. The biker, who had parked his bike to steal from passersby, faced immediate and fatal consequences. The enraged crowd killed him on the spot, beating him and setting both him and his bike on fire.

The message is clear: as the freedom struggle continues, theft only worsens an already dire situation. The community is determined to protect itself and eliminate thievery to improve security.

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