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Bamenda Breaths Fresh Air As ‘DieLock’ Ends



mass murder scheme in ambazonia


Normalcy returns in Bamenda after failed Biya dialogue.

By Mbah Godlove

Inhabitants of Bamenda, Northern Zone of Ambazonia are gradually resuming their daily activities following the end of a failed dialogue organized by French Cameroun.
For 5 days, Bamenda denizens remained indoors as a result of clashes between the brutal army of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) and Ambazonian fighters. On Monday September 30, the day set aside by dictator Paul Biya for a dialogue that the international community predicted to be a mere waste of economic resources was due to commence, business activities in the entire Northern Zone were grounded, roads deserted as locals simply chose to stay safe indoors. In the capital city, neighborhoods in Bamenda II local government area such as Mulang, Tanka, and mile 90, witnessed deafening gunshots as restoration fighters prepared grounds for a hitch free observation of the October 1 independence day of Southern Cameroons.
The week also saw thousands of Ambazonians commemorate their independence day in pomp and fanfare.

In Boyo County, respected and fearless General RK oversaw a match past exercise which saw the participation of hundreds of students and the military force in the area.

The situation was not different in the country’s capital Buea where the Ambazonian flag was hoisted in Soppo, a neighborhood in the city.

The period of 5 days of eating and drinking called by the colonial President of LRC, under the pretext of resolving the Ambazonian armed conflict has ended in Yaounde. Like any other failed event organised to put an end to the ongoing war such as the visit of the colonial Prime Minister to Ambazonia this year, the mission of the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration commission, and the trip of the so called bilingualism and multiculturalism commission to Southern Cameroons, the prepared resolutions read at the end of the champaign pupping dialogue on October 4 have been discribed by many as another big failure on the part of the colonial regime. Amongst other decisions presented at the end of the dictated event, slave boy PM Dion Ngute, announced that Southern Cameroons will receive a special status in a decentralization system of government.

Life is gradually returning to normal in Bamenda following the end of the 5 day long shutdown of activities across the Northern Zone.

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