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Bali Nyonga Colonial Raid Leaves Denizens In Anguish And Frustration



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Bali Nyonga Colonial Raid Leaves Denizens In Anguish And Frustration

By Mbah Godlove

An atmosphere of anguish and frustration has been prevailing in Bali Nyonga local Government Area where colonial soldiers set dozens of homes on fire.

According to local media reports, a contingent of French Cameroun soldiers invaded Boh-Munyaka, razing homes and any valuable Items they came across.

“They started from a neighboring compound where they burned down everything to ashes, then came over to our own a local recounted to MiMi Mefo Info”.

In the course of the destruction, the soldiers looted valuable items, including money.

The people of Bali Nyonga, both young and old are in pain.

It is a big shock that has befallen them.

Although French Cameroun soldiers have been causing a lot of havoc in Bali Nyonga, little did the people know that they will lose all that they had worked for many years.

Hundreds of people who were landlords are now without shelter.

It’s an atmosphere of total agony and consternation in the Local Government Area since Tuesday, November 22

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