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Fru Ndi Vindicates BaretaNews: I was Truly Operated




On September 20th, 2016, BaretaNews reported that Ni John Fru was hospitalised and underwent a prostate operation in Kumbo at Shisong Catholic Hospital.

Cameroon local news network picked up the story from BaretaNews and one organ from another bashed BaretaNews as falsely reporting on the health of the SDF Chairman largely due to surrogates of the SDF chieftain saying the Chairman is fine.

BaretaNews did not question the health of the Chairman. We just reported that he was operated upon and wished him a quick recovery. However, the type of backlash BaretaNews received seemed we spoke otherwise.

Fru Ndi as the main opposition leader cannot escape the light of the media especially when it concerns major issues such as health. The Cameroons people need to know that the health of their leaders is in good form.

However, on Tuesday, 27th September 2016, Fru Ndi speaking over the state CRTV new programme DAY BREAK confirmed to the Cameroonian people on air that he was truly hospitalized and operated upon at Shisong Catholic Hospital.
The SDF strongman during the interview went on to say that he is currently receiving medical treatment. He went on to refutes all allegations that his health is getting worst. John Fru Ndi praised the good services offered by doctors coming from abroad and are resident at the catholic hospital in Shisong, reiterating that he wanted to be treated by medical practitioners in Cameroon and not abroad.

BaretaNews once again wish the Chairman a sustainable recovery.

God is still saying something.

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