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Planned Assassination of Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe: Confusion of Desperate Colonial Agents



Assasination Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe

Planned Assassination of Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe: Confusion of Desperate Colonial Agents

Yesterday, September 27, 2018, Comrade Chris Anu, Secretary of State for Communications in the Ambazonian Interim Government (IG), made public an alleged plot by the blood sucking colonial regime of French Cameroun, to assassinate the President, H.E Ayuk-Tabe and 9 other members of his cabinet who have been in illegal detention for close to a year now. Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe and co were kidnapped in Abuja Nigeria in January 2018 and illegally deported to French Cameroun and had since then been kept incommunicado in a colonial gulag.

According to IG, a top secrete security meeting that recently held in the colonial capital Yaoundé with Ambazonian slave boys; Peter Mafany Musonge, Yang Philemon, Paul Atanga Nji and political praise singer, Elvis Ngole Ngole among others in attendance, saw the adoption of a resolution to assassinate H.E Sisiku and the other members of his government on, before or after the colonial presidential election in French Cameroun.

According to the information, the diabolic plan is an attempt by the colonialists to weaken the resolve of the Ambazonian people for a free homeland and consequently paralyzing the revolutionary course. It is the believe of colonial Yaounde and her agents that the killing of the leaders could serves as a frightful signal and a clear message to all pro-restoration believers that none shall be spared if the revolution is crushed.

It is a desperate move to send panic waves down the spines of Ambazonians and continuously keep them in colonial bondage. The colonialist and their agents appear afraid of what will happened, should H.E Sisiku and his cabinet be released alive. Apart from the people maintaining their determination to be free even in the absence of Sisiku and co, the leaders have also displayed a high level of revolutionary tenacity while in detention. Certainly, the colonial blood suckers would not be scheming to drink the blood of the leaders if they had been cooperating with them or dancing to their anti revolutionary tunes.

It is laughable for the colonialist to even think that executing Sisiku and co could kill the revolutionary momentum among Ambazonians. This is the highest level of political confusion. Whoever brought up such a lame idea to be executed is a political kindergarten. It was Sisiku himself who had made it clear that the revolution is bigger than any individual, and so the absence of these leaders cannot in any way halt the revolutionary train.

In fact, any attempt on the life of any Ambazonian leader at this junction will rather serve as a booster to the revolutionary energy of the Ambazonian Restoration forces and the total resolve of the people to free homeland or die fighting.

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