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Buea DO Orders Lockdown of Buea LGA, Reinforces Ambazonia National Lockdown






Southern Cameroons Leadership has engaged in a partial lockdown in Southern Cameroons since September 25th. Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces in most of Ambazonia have been ensuring that intercity movement is impossible so as to stop electioneering as well as stopping the reinforcements of La Republique Du Cameroun Military into their localities. This is expected to intensify as from the 1st, October 2018

It is no news that Monday, October 1st, is the Independence Day of the Former British Southern Cameroons and last year October 1st, 2017 celebration was met with a huge massacre as peaceful celebrations from Southern Cameroonians was met with heavy gunshots, massacre of Southern Cameroonians by Cameroun Forces. Since then, an armed struggle has persisted.

The Southern Cameroons Leadership recognizing the fact that there is an armed conflict, all public gathering cannot be accepted at this time has advised Southern Cameroonians wherever they are especially those home to commemorate this year Independence with all solemnity, staying indoors and staying away from danger. The move from the colonial DO of Buea stopping movements and all activities within Buea Local Government Area-LGA from September 30th to 1st October only helps to reinforce Southern Cameroons leaders position of ‘ NO CIRCULATION POLICY’ and keeps our people from danger. The same is true with Northern zone colonial Governor instituting the same marching order. This could be a point where both opposing camps agree. It only guarantees the safety of our people. It could be a tacit move appreciated by Ambazonians

Buea DO

It is clear that as 1st October national lockdown intensifies, Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces across both zones will ensure that this is effective while keeping safe citizens from harms away

Governor NW Order

Worthy of note is that the conflict in the Cameroons which started since October 2016, has caused more than 2000 civilian death, more than 400 military death, +400.000 internally displaced Southern Cameroonians, +30.000 refugees in Nigeria, +126 houses burnt down by Cameroun military, untold suffering and atrocities from the Cameroun forces. The international community has condemned actions from both sides but has failed to put the necessary pressure on Paul Biya to institute a dialogue/Negotiations plans. The current situation escalates more.

Mark Bareta.


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