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‘Anglophone Terrorists’ Have Invaded Yaounde, Plan To Bomb On October 1st- Cameroun Defense Minister Screams







The migration of Southern Cameroonians running from the war in Southern Cameroons into neighboring cities, towns, and communities in Cameroun has not gone unnoticed. At first, it was Southern zone Governor, Bernard Obalia who tried to stop Buea denizens from traveling to Douala citing security issues. The few hours ban was later overturned and those traveling to Cameroun have now been subjected to massive person and luggage search. All these because they want to protect Cameroun, they are afraid that ‘Anglophones’ whom they have styled as terrorists, sometimes dogs, Les Biafrans etc are coming over to cause havoc in their city.

A few days ago, Cameroun Defense Minister in a confidential letter informs authorities where Anglophones harbor in Yaounde to be on the alert and neutralize any suspicious ‘Anglophone’. The Minister insinuated that those migrating to Yaounde are planning to bomb the city on October 1st and thus called on security operatives to make sure all “Anglophone” neighborhoods in Yaounde are under huge surveillance. Local radios and TV stations in Cameroun have been making this announcement.

Defense Minister Letter

This move is coming after the Bamenda Regional Delegate of transport instituted a visa type requirements for Southern Cameroonians leaving the Northern zone of Southern Cameroons into Cameroun, a move which the delegate later disclaimed as fake after it received widespread condemnation from some “Anglophones” and huge jubilation from Southern Cameroonians who now mocked La Republique Du Cameroun to claim, the separation is now official with the regional delegate acting as a Cameroun Ambassador in Bamenda.

The move from the Cameroun Minister of Defense is not strange, Cameroun has always suspect Anglophones in all strata of national life. They have been called and attributed all sorts of names. It is imperative that all “Anglophones” in Yaounde take adequate measures to be safe, avoid crowded areas; avoid any related discussion of the conflict in bars, taxis, open areas; avoid any such discussions with Camerounese (Camerounese) even colleagues; always stay with Cameroun ID cards; do not look shabby (dress smart and clean); avoid late nights; clear phone of all related conflict images when going to bed especially when out of home; in fact, precautions must be taken as no one “Anglophone” in Yaounde is safe whether migrated into Yaounde or not.

Mark Bareta.

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