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Belgium Rubbishes Laurent Esso Delegation As USA Looks On







Today has been an interesting one in the Kingdom of Belgium. Southern Cameroonians came out to give Laurent Esso, Cameroun Minister of Justice a taste of the bitterness found in them. The meeting scheduled by the government of La Republique was supposed to meet “Cameroonians” to explain what is happening in the North West and South West Regions. Southern Cameroonians in Belgium considered this move as a waste of time as they protested and requested the Minister to go back to La Republique, Release Southern Cameroonians and dialogue with the jailed Consortium Leaders. Along the protest, one agent of La Republique who wanted to use a chair was knocked down in a motionless state. The Ambulance was called to help.

The meeting which was supposed to start at 3pm failed to start as Southern Cameroonians took the hall hostage, singing, brandishing placards as well as the famous Mancho Bibixy Coffin. However, the police were called who escorted Southern Cameroonians in front of the hall where the protest continued. The few Francophones brought from France remained in the hall. The message has been passed and we look forward to United Kingdom and Southern Africa to take the relay to make sure La Republique delegation is given a taste of their own pudding.

However, we learned that Paul Ghogomo delegation in USA met in a surprised manner as Southern Cameroonians in USA could not mobilised. However, a Southern Cameroonian who attended the meeting late yesterday at the US embassy narrated what happened. He said:

I would say the meeting was a failure . It Started 2Hours late from schedule. Most of those who attended were embassy staff who are francophones. The second group was made of the cpdm elites in the USA and the last group not up to 2 percent were Anglophones. And With Mr Elvis Kometa , the north America chair of the SCNC being the only strong Anglophone from one of the fighting groups or individuals on the Anglophone crisis.

The meeting that lasted for about 2hours could be partitioned as follows . The Cameroun Ambassador to the USA Ambassador Etoundi Essomba took 10mins to welcome everyone and praises government’s commitment to solving the crisis and then gave the floor to the head of the committee , Prof Paul Ghohomou who took about 20 minutes to explain all his trips to Bamenda and meetings with the consortium and outcomes. One thing he stated out clearly was that ” There’s no place in Cameroon for those who want secessionist. We have come a long way…” Talking about federation is far more considering. Those in Prison are not so due to their political stands but because of this uncivil actions. Like burning of the flags, blocking roads destruction or public and private properties. Responding to whether the government is sure schools will resume in September he said just the GCE which will be out in few days stands to prove , education will not be stopped. Security men will be disguised henceforth…etc. He then gave the floor for questions .

The embassy staffs ( francophones ) and CPDM elites stole the floor as they kept on with their praises of the measures taken by government…. blablabla. They took about 45Mins . Then Prof .Elvis Ngolle Ngolle in his usual rhetorics took about 35Mins saying nothing. Delay tactics I will say because the real hands or voices were ignored as a result of this.

Then Came the last 5mins of the meeting after forceful plea to speak, Mr Elvis Kometas hand was finally noticed. He went straight to asking the Director of Cabinet if what he said about the people in prison is true what uncivil action did UB students carry to deserve the kind of treatment the police and military gave them? Secondly , with applause from the hall he asked if Prof Ayah, Dr Balla and Fontem burned any flag or blocked any road or why are they in prison.? Lastly and frankly he told the the Director of Cabinet that the southern Cameroons already has a government which will decide when schools will resume in southern Cameroons Any measures taken by the government of Yaoundr are bond to fail.


Protest in Belgium.

In fact, the meeting was a secret meeting. The venue was not made public. So the regime called Francophones on phone to La Republique embassy. Kometta only got information via an informant. It should be noted that La Republique doesn’t have any official meeting at the UN contrary to media publication. If they do let them published the venue of the said meeting and office of the said individual at the UN. More so the BBC permanent correspondent at the UN have tried in vain to locate the venue. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle who knew mass protest awaits him refused to make the venue public and hired audience to clap for him will still meet his fate in the days ahead. What is beyond denial is the fear of the ultimate Independence of Southern Cameroons. And Elvis and Paul are the Devil’s advocate.

While the LRC USA delegation only called few Francophones with the SCNC Chair Kometta getting the news of the venue through an informant, he and others who hurriedly went challenged the false position of La Republique on the Southern Cameroons struggle. Brussels on the other hand gave the agents a welcome that history will never forget. Though dribbled, USA seem to believe in the force for argument and rightly so, Belgium on the other hand complimented USA by showing a force of defiance and making rubbish of Laurent Esso’s delegation. Some highlights

– LRC cannot come to diaspora for dialogue while the leaders are currently languishing in jail.

– Belgium believe that dialogue cannot take place while mass arrests are simultaneously taking place

– Brussels believe that cosmetic changes doesn’t address the root causes of the struggle

While the message from USA was loud and clear (schools will not resume come September), Brussels resolve for schools not to resume went deeper. Brussels’ message to the agents was louder and clearer “…go back to your dictator in chief. Tell him dialogue can only take place in an open, honest and sincere atmosphere. The era to placate anglophones is over. 56 years is time enough to have all that we can take… back to sender…”

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