Anglophone Pastors Weep as Christians Migrate with offerings, tithes and Seeds To Cameroun






Churches within the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon have become empty as most of their Christians who used to be active members have all moved to Douala, Yaoundé and some French speaking regions of Cameroon for fear of either being killed by Cameroon Military or being kidnapped by some arm groups impersonating as Anglophone Separatist fighters.

Towns and villages in the Anglophone Regions have all become empty and everyday hundreds of people leave the regions to safer areas which according to them is better than staying in a region which has now become more dangerous than Syria and Afghanistan.
Crusades and mid-week services which used to be sources of revenue for churches seem to have gone into extinction because of the ongoing war of independence of the former British Southern Cameroons against national Unity of the Republic of Cameroon which according to the Cameroon government is non-negotiable. Churches that used to have 300 active Christians in 2017, can now only boast of 50 Christians among which 30 are not even certain to stay within the regions by the end of September 2018 for fear of the unknown as the battle for independence of the former British Southern Cameroon against the Republic of Cameroon National Unity intensifies.

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  1. Akon

    September 10, 2018 at 2:12 PM

    You’re just a compulsive liar!!!
    You said the church members fled because they were scared to get killed by LRC right? Then you said they are now living in LRC they find peaceful!
    If you cannot even articulate a lie, please stop exposing your hatred and lackness of intelligence.

    Blacks are just slaves and doom. Amba leaders and those who listen to this crap are doomed and out of their mind. Africa had a chance with Khadafi, they sold him. Just the way it was with Un Nyobè, Sankara, Nkrumah, Moumié, Ouadjié, Eboué, Lumumba, Machel, … Unite, poor Africans!!! Unite, doomies!!! Can’t you open your eyes and see how your common enemy is United? Don’t be fooled by an empty call of hungry idiots who only want to sell yet, another piece of Africa just to become rulers. Those who lead the revolution and those who support it are the biggest enemies of Africa. Africa needs nationalism not division. Where are the so called thinkers now? Where are you,Ambazonians philosophers? Where are you, people of vision? You need a United Africa, but yet you’re dividing your own country? Doomies!!!!!!!!

    • Mbeuh

      September 10, 2018 at 3:24 PM

      @ Akon

      Fine idea buddy. Unity of Africa, you wrote. How about you ask the current 54 independent countries of Africa to give up their independence as a precondition of a united Africa? I don’t see any doing so since speeches were made at the opening of OAU summit in May of 1963 and each year thereafter by puppets of the colonialists in the guise of presidents and prime ministers.

      As I recall and have read in history books over and over, it was Nkrumah who said in 1957 that the independence of Ghana meant nothing unless the rest of African colonies attained the same independence. In fact the acronym OAU stands for Organization of African Unity. 55 years on, I am yet to see any African country give up its sovereignty for a single African state under one leadership.

      British Southern Cameroons was given its independence, voted on by 64 members of the United Nations in 1961. It is this cause for which the struggle is ongoing with LRC colonizers. So your castigating Ambazonians for agitating to restore their right to freedom is at best hollow.

  2. Mukong

    September 10, 2018 at 4:14 PM

    Brother Mbeuh, we do not need to be apologetic or need the validation of anyone for our stance against injustice. For 57 years, we were taken for granted by criminals doing the bidding of the french and some dare to come here and lecture us as to what is right and what is wrong?

  3. Chris de brain

    September 11, 2018 at 9:39 PM

    People will say anything they wanna say.
    But the undiluted truth remains within us Southern Cameroons.Because even the LRC is not willing to say the truth.
    Hundreds’s of innocent deaths arise each month on Southern Cameroon territory, some brutally killed by the so called millitary forces who swore to protect its civilians.Our women raped brutally and forcefully.Thousands have fleed where they called home to uncertainty.i cant even start explaining the dictionary of pain we southern cameroonians have to go through as time passes. We live in fear uncertain of tomorrow.
    All this statistics keep rising as hours go folk be careful with what you say because it doesn’t make sense in our present predicament..if you were put in some of our shoes you won’t be altering the words you just did..
    What you need to know is this: “where injustice becomes law, resistance is a must”

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