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Anglophone Minority Is a Delayed Time Bomb- CIA Declassified Document



The Anglophone minority is a delayed time bomb in Cameroon according to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Declassified document. The CLASSIFIED file titled CIA-RDP86T01017R000707040001-2 was approved for release on March 7, 2011.

The original classified document was published on February 3, 1986. It disclosed the Challenges ahead of Biya after taking over power.

The 30 years old document revealed that the Anglophones who constitute 20 % of the nearly 10 million population fear a gradual assimilation by the dominant Francophone community, according to to the US embassy reporting the challenge for Biya’s rule.

“We believe the Anglophone minority is a potential time bomb and should the central government fail to respect their cultural and linguistic traditions, the two million population may view armed confrontations as their only alternative”

CIA Statement

The Cameroons is officially a bilingual country but without a perfect mastery of French, it is difficult for Anglophones to gain admission into the best schools and public service.

According to the US document, Anglophone students who constitute over one eight of the 15.000 students attending the university of Yaounde are a potentially volatile group and the Anglophone Students demands then included the creation of an English-language university.

The document also revealed that although Biya appears to command the military loyalty, senior officers may increasingly demand decision-making role if he fails to stem tribal descent and violence may erupt.

Furthermore, the document also details tribalism, threats of national unity, the pressure of political liberation, the economy, relationship with France, ties with the US and even religious splits.

This information made by the CIA several years ago could be true as presently Anglophone Cameroonians are demanding for their independence since October 2016. It should be recalled that the strike action started from a Lawyers strike to teachers and it has finally been engulfed by the entire people of Southern Cameroons.

Download the Declassified on the link

Click to access CIA-RDP86T01017R000707040001-2.pdf

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