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Barrister Kameni John who earlier bashed the Common Law Lawyers for protesting described himself as a SOBAN in his opening communique wherein he fired back to those who called him a black leg. While he acknowledges that the strike is a popular one, he later claimed that as a member of the Cameroon Bar, Bamileke Lawyers association etc, they did not agree on any protest. He concluded by saying the protest is illegal. He also lashed out at SCNC Belgium headed by Mr. Shey Kaavi Wo Melim for calling on “Anglophones” to boycott his legal services.
Sobans across the globe have not taken Barrister Kameni lightly especially when he mentioned the name of Sasse as an old boy. Below are snapshots of some SOBANS who have publicly rebuked the Barrister position in line with the ongoing Lawyers’ protest.

Barrister Kameni is a well known Biya boy! I realized that during the last Presidential elections where he became the unannounced champion of the Biya’s campaign machine against Hon Ayah Paul, Kah Wallah, and Ni Fru Ndi! He was awarded the medal of valor by the Presidency after that. It is not surprising to note that this has been his strategy to gain selfish attention and favors. Such path he treads on, is a dangerous one and history has always had a way of dealing with such moles in the house! I am a SOBAN too and a senior one to Kameni to the extent that I know Saban’s don’t lick asses as he does for personal gains especially when it comes to issues of justice. What a shame!!
Soban Obinna Njaka

Like Obinna Njaka, I am also a Soban with much seniority over him and Kameni. My problem here is that Barrister Kameni does not represent in any way, the true breeding of a Soban. And I am so sorry to say that, as an attorney and a Soban for that matter, his language and everything associated with it, leaves very much to be desired. In his shoes, I would not pick up the mighty pen to scribble anything. I would polish my articulation before I take the podium. Well, as you know, not every Harvard graduate is a freaking genius. But heck, this guy is a Soban and an attorney, for crying out loud. By any measure, he is supposed to glitter in the crowd. I find him wanting
Soban Terry Ngwafor

Barrister with all due respect, I understand your desire to live up to your legal responsibilities as a legal consultant. But I and the entire nation understand you are part and parcel of the Biya’s team. You are a SOBAN like myself but those are not the values. Personal aggrandizement has never been the values of Sasse Old boys. Be reminded that Biya will eventually leave power and you will definitely have your story
Soban Luke Mbuangole

I am sorry to disrespect a senior Soban in public but I do not think that Kameni (call him Barrister if you like) is learned enough! He is Bami and not Southern Cameroonian.
SOBAN Akoson Raymond

As an update, the leaders of the common law lawyers have been summoned to appear before the South West Attorney General. We shall bring more updates to this later

God is still saying something.

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