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AMF Mandates New Leaders, Calls For Unity Action Against Colonial Oppressor




AMF Mandates New Leaders, Call For Unity Action Against Colonial Oppressor

By Mbah Godlove

General Ikeku of the Realborns of Tiger and his comrade, Admiral General Kata of the Bafut 7 Kata are henceforth spokespersons of the Ambazonian Military Forces-AMF. Their appointment is contained in a media release signed recently by 26 top Generals of the Ambazonian Military Force (AMF) high command executive council.

“AMF is the People’s Army, comprised of several Defence Units. The AMF is apolitical and not affiliated to any groups or individual.

“AMF is unbiased, well structured, well understood by the people and remains the only unifying platform for Generals and fighters in Ambazonia,” the selfless Generals averred.

The disunity amongst some factions of pro-ponderance fighters resulting in backstabbing and delays in the independence struggle of Ambazonia necessitated the formation of the AMF to resuscitate the People’s hope.

The apolitical Generals of the organization noticed with disdain the fact that the colonial government of French Cameroun is using the division amongst diasporan leaders of the different groups to impede the progress of the restoration quest.

This disorder has earned Ambazonia much human and materials loss. Brave Generals such as the dreaded Ivo of the ADF and most recently the fearless Agaba of SOCADEF all died owing to growing treachery.

While the need to come together and rally forces to prosecute this last phase of the three-year war is increasingly becoming a duty, sons and daughters of the beloved Federal Republic of Ambazonia spread across the globe are exhorted to honor the clarion call from the AMF to fast track the liberation dream via financial and material donations.

Just like the desiderata, the AMF believes no contributions is ever too small, not even that of a mosquito, despite its size.

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