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Ambazonians Stink Fako SDO For Restricting Access Into Markets With Bags



Ambazonians Stink Fako SDO For Restricting Access Into Markets With Bags

By Mbah Godlove

Some Ambazonians have castigated the colonial Senior Divisional Officer, SDO for Fako County for restricting the entry into public places with bags.

Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux on November 25 called on Mayors to ensure that no one enters into markets or any point of sales with bags or any luggage.

Ambazonians have received the message from the SDO with disdain; describing the Prefectorial order as being irrational and inconsequential.

Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux did not advance any reason for the decision.

With recent bomb explosions that have been rampant in Fako — believed to be perpetrated by Atanga Nji’s sponsored militia, many suggest that the order on not entering into public places with bags and luggage is aimed at limiting the rate of insecurity.

Unfortunately for many an inhabitant of either of the towns in Fako, this novel move cannot be applied in their localities.

They say even if bombers were to carry out their operations, they would resort to other means.

Many have aked that the order be nullified so that people could carry out their daily activities unperturbed.

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