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Ambazonians Seek Alternative Celebration Ways As Ghost Town Hampers St. Valentine Feast



Ambazonians Seek Alternative Celebration Ways As Ghost Town Hampers St. Valentine Feast

By Mbah Godlove

As the world commemorates the feast of St. Valentine this February 14, Ambazonians have not been indifferent despite observing the day amidst ghost town.

Also known as Lovers’ Day, the feast of St. Valentine, gives humanity the opportunity to show love to fellow humans.

The euphoria and camaraderie that usually characterise the feast in Ambazonia over the years may be absent this 2022, but the people have been exploiting other ways to express love with their dear ones.

The absence of the fanfare is due to the fact that this edition falls on a Monday, a day that is traditionally observed as ghost town across the 13 counties of Ambazonia.

However, the people remain conscious of the day’s importance, and as such, have been honoring their loved ones in different ways.

Whereas some people chose to celebrate the day at the level of their different families, others are presenting gifts to their loved ones on social media.

Due to the intensity of the ghost town, people can only see their gifs via video calls to receive the next day.

It however remains indubitable that, the ongoing Ambazonian war of independence has drastically affected this year’s edition of the feast of St. Valentine.

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