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Miss NATURAL QUEEN PAGEANT : We have a winner.



Good morning everyone.

We are so grateful for your patience. We had 5 amazing contestants from 33 who participated and they got 295 votes in their names. Technically we were voting our top 3 because the game was tight between 3 contestants.

We want to thank our official partner in this venture who made the voting easy and transparent. Thank you, Mr. Mark Bareta of BaretaNews. Your help and your support for this project cannot be underestimated. Thank u Sir.




We want to thank our sponsor and supporter number 1 Miss Gwendolyne Halle of Keramaniak hair institute. Thank you very much ma’am.

We also want to thank you all contestants and voters. This project will mean nothing without you and it is our prayer that we all will look beyond these votes and our friends and realise how beautiful the African woman is as natural as she can be. No more lies and fakeness and no more covering our imperfections under layers of foundation.
This is a movement to encourage our black sisters to know that it is very OK to walk to that meeting or that office or anywhere without makeup and feel confident and beautiful. So this is not just a Facebook pass time, it is a movement that can only spread with your help.

We will do this every month, to encourage more and more sisters and we trust that we will have your support.

MISS NATURAL QUEEN PAGEANT is powered by S. W. A. P by FG.

S. W. A. P by FG is another baby of the FG TOUCH brand and it’s release party will be right here on Friday.

FG Touch, Organizer

FG Touch, Organizer

Now the WINNER…

Our top 5 were five amazing women…
Ichire Joyce
Bongkeh Irene
Nicole Tayo
Sandra Ekukole
Clarisse Mbabe

The game was tight between 3 contestants so we burnt the top 3 stage and we have a winner.

And the S. W. A. P BY FG MISS NATURAL QUEEN for the month of June issssssssssssssss


Ichire Joyce with 106 votes

Bongkeh irene comes 2nd with 103 votes

Nicole Tayo is number 3 with 70 votes

Sandra Ekukole had 7 votes and Clarisse Mbabe had 7 votes.

Congratulations Miss NATURAL QUEEN

Miss Natural Quuen

Ichire Joyce, Miss Natural Queen

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