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Moving CDC Head Office to Yaounde and The Endeley Predictions



Moving CDC Head Office to Yaounde and The Endeley Predictions

In line with the Cameroons government plans to steal the head office of CDC to Yaounde, BaretaNews brings to you the top ten predictions Dr Endeley made when Southern Cameroons was about joining the union with La Republique du Cameroun. BaretaNews thinks it is necessary to remind Southern Cameroonians.


Recalled that when marketing Board went to Douala as ONCPB, it died, when Cameroon bank, which was doing so well in the SW& NW provinces went to Yaoundé, it died a natural death. When the tarred roads in west Cameroon joined those in the East Cameroon, all of them, like the Kumba – Loum road, turned to earth roads, when Yoke falls that supplied electricity to most of SW province was shot down, and they brought Sonel, no lights anywhere, when the Civil service joined those in French Cameroun, people started chasing dossiers for years, when in West Cameroon, if you started work on the 17th, you were sure of your salary at the end of that month, see how dirty all the towns are, when we were so clean with our Sanitary people in the quarters, look at how our taxis are all rotten in towns, when in our years, we had the VIO (vehicle inspection Officers) who made sure no useless vehicles plied the roads.



1. Nearly everyone in Southern Cameroons has heard the word FREEDOM. Our association with Nigeria for nearly half a century has made us realize what it means to move about freely; to speak in public freely; to worship freely; to speak our minds without fear of molestation. These freedoms and many more will continue to be ours if we vote for union with Nigeria.But if you vote for Cameroun Republic, you will invite a new system under which everyone lives in fear of the Police and the Army. You will not be free to move about; you cannot lecture freely or discuss your political views in public; you must carry your tax receipt around your neck like a dog; and you can be arrested and flogged by the Police and even imprisoned without a fair trial.The CPNC believes that all decent people in the Southern Cameroons who have tasted of freedom will be sensible enough to vote for union with Nigeria. Freedom is too sweet to be thrown away to the dogs.

2. Under the French system, you cannot have a fair trial. Anyone accused of an offence in the Cameroun Republic is manhandled and flogged and is generally treated as a guilty criminal. Even the most junior policeman there seems to have the power of “life and death” over the common people! This is a bad system and must be rejected by the voters.

3. If you vote for Cameroun Republic, you will for ever fail to secure independence for the Southern Cameroons because Cameroun Republic is still a COLONY of France. French troops are still stationed in Douala and Yaounde…The CPNC maintains that it is no use for the Southern Cameroons to move from the British COLONY system. We must move into true INDEPENDENCE with Nigeria.

4.If you vote for union with Nigeria, we shall continue to enjoy the excellent land tenure which protects the natives from becoming tenants on the farms of white settlers. We shall preserve our land for our own farms, and we shall be free to plant our own cocoa, bananas or coffee.If you vote for Cameroun Republic, your little farmland will be at the mercy of white French men. These Frenchmen are reliably understood to be planning to take over the CDC plantations in Victoria and Kumba Divisions.

5. Who amongst you would like to live in a country where your life and property are constantly in danger? Who amongst you peaceful citizens of the Southern Cameroons, will like to live in a country where you may be shot at as you move along the street, or your wife killed as she toils the farm?

6. Who amongst you would like to live in French Cameroons, a country red with the blood of thousands of innocent victims killed by terrorists and the Ahidjo regime?

7. Who amongst you, good citizens of Southern Cameroons, will like to live in a land where people’s houses and shops are burnt everyday and looted; where you can be arrested without a fair trial?

8. Who amongst you will like to live in a country which lacks complete respect for human dignity and where you cannot speak out your mind freely or pursue your business in peace? Surely none of you. Who amongst you will like your children to grow up in servitude? Surely none of you.

9. That will be our lot if we join French Cameroun. If you wish to save yourself from the aforementioned indignities, make sure you vote for the Southern Cameroons to remain as it has been in the past forty years.

10. If you want to avert the impending confusion that will befall the Southern Cameroons, and if you want the territory to develop into a county where all will be fairly treated and adequately catered for; where there will be equal opportunities for everyone, irrespective of tribe, creed, race or political association, then cast your vote in the GREEN BOX during the Plebiscite on February 11.



We must fight this purported move of CDC to Yaounde with the last blood we have in us. Anglophone Cameroonians from NW to SW must rise up.

God is still saying something.

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