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Kidnappers Rape Buea Lady For 600,000 CFA Ransom



Kidnappers Rape Buea Lady For 600,000 Ransom

By Mbah Godlove

A lady has been sexually assaulted by armed men who demanded 1000,0000 FCFA as ransom.

Earlier on February 14, a day observed as feast of Saint Valentine, the said lady was abducted by armed men on her way home, coming back from clubbing.

The kidnappers, as BaretaNews learned, requested a ransom of 1000,000 FCFA from the victim’s family.

All efforts to raise the said amount were fruitless as only 400,000 FCFA was provided.

At this point, the armed men were furious and insisted on killing the lady if the money was not made up to 1000,000 FCFA.

The men were no longer patient as seconds died into minutes, and minutes into hours that faithful Valentine’s day.

After receiving the 400,000 FCFA raised by the family of the girl, one of the men suggested the lady be slept for the remaining 600,000 FCFA.

The men yielded to the piece of advice from their friend and rapped the girl who would later be taken to the Buea-based Solidarity Hospital

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