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Ambazonians Grab Their Destiny: Massively Boycott Colonial Elections



Ambazonians Grab Their Destiny: Massively Boycott Colonial Elections

By Mbah Godlove.

Millions of Ambazonians across the country’s 13 counties have unconditionally yielded to calls from their liberation fighters not to participate in Colonial Council and Parliamentary elections organised by French Cameroun. The few who turned out did so under very militarized condition. Observers have stated that in many villages, communities, boycott was total. Political pundits put the boycott rate at 98 percent.

Major streets remained deserted Sunday February 9, much to the disappointment of Biya’s occupational administrators who deployed troops to force Southern Cameroonians to vote the CPDM list.

One of the areas that witnessed such a practice was in Bum where old mothers and fathers had their ID cards confisticated and forced to vote at gun point.

The populations of the Northern and Southern Zones remained indoors while those who had internet connection followed developments from renounced and credible Ambazonian news sites.

The early hours of Sunday were marked by deafening gunshots in Bamenda, Muyuka and Kumba.

One of the areas where Pro-independence fighters heavily demonstrated their supremacy was in Bafut local government area where barricades were mounted and two amored cars belonging to French Cameroun unrully forces were reportedly shattered.

As this fourth day of the ongoing decisive lockdown gradually draws to an end, Ambazonia’s Vice President Dabney Yerimah has expressed gratitude to all who respected the election’s boycott. He has called on all Ambazonian activists to rally forces together inorder to completely oust La Republique du Cameroun out of their territory.

Meantime, saddened by the total respect of the five-day shutdown of Southern Cameroons beginning Thursday February 6, hundreds of French Cameroun citizens from Douala and Bafoussam were ferried into Buea and Bamenda to take part in the dubious voting exercise.

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