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Ambazonia war Of Independence: FM 10 Kobo Sends Strong Warning To Colonial Enablers



Ambazonian war Of Independence: FM 10 Kobo Sends Strong Warning To Colonial Enablers

By Mbah Godlove

Renowned Ambazonian war-lord FM 10 Kobo, of Ndian county, has warned all blacklegs who are a hindrance to the people’s cause for independence.

The dreaded commander in a video tap currently making rounds on social media unequivocally intimated that he is ready and has the might to crush every detractor from the path to freedom.

While presenting dozens of black legs caught in Ndian recently, he warned that he would not continue to tolerate such people who do not want to respect the laws of the land.

BN understands that the victims had been sent by the colonial Government to grade some roads in Ndian, an activity which had been band by restoration fighters.

Considering that most of the victims were brainwashed Ambazonians, FM 10 Koko decided to grant them a pardon but promised to destroy them if they ever indulge in the act again.

The warning from the dreaded commander comes at a time when social media critics are spreading force information that 10 Kobo had collected millions from the family of the victims as ransom.

“I have not taken a diam from any of these persons and I will not because that is not what I am fighting for,” the commander stated.

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