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Eric Tataw Shames Activists As Biya’s Defected Soldiers Attack La Republique







#Biya Is Finished As Sporadic Attacks Begin In South Region.

National Telegraph can authoritatively confirm that unknown gunmen suspected to be defected soldiers have started sporadic attacks in the South Region of Cameroon. National Telegraph has followed up this development since Tuesday and can now confidently write on the incident.

According to reports, a school in Sangmélima in Dja-et-Lobo Division, South Region was completely burnt down Tuesday January 23, 2018. National Telegraph further gathered that a soldier was killed and others wounded same day in same town. Government authorities have received the news with shock.

A Francophone who goes by the Facebook name; Dan Eboudou Essissima writes; “Un soldat aurait été tué et une école aurait été incendiée à Sangmélima, département du Dja-et-Lobo dans la région du Sud.”

National Telegraph later realized this report was later pulled down from his page. Fortunately, the Publisher and Editor-in-chief of National Telegraph had long taken a screenshot of the link sent by one of his informants. It would appear government authorities asked him to pull it down not to arouse panic amongst the Francophones which could have led to unrest in those areas. It should be noted that Southern Cameroonian social media kingpin, Ivo Tapang had reported the incident on his Twitter page.

It should be noted that just as National Telegraph reported, the Sangmélima attacks were carried out by defected soldiers not happy with Mr. Biya. This incident only comes to confirm how authentic and reliable National Telegraph’s hints and reports have always been. The Publisher was quoted as saying on a Facebook comment that he only reports well investigated and authentic stories.

While thanking Tapang Ivo Tanku for being the lone Southern Cameroonian activist to have reported this incident, Eric Tataw condemned other activists who deliberately ignored such an important story like an attack on Biya’s own land. One would often see very insignificant and derailing reports on the walls of activists but wonders why such a booster to the Anglophones was ignored, he said.

Eric Tataw however noted that it’s a shame these activists ignored the Sangmélima Story out of shame because to them, it would authenticate National Telegraph and make it more reliable and trustworthy than ever before especially as the South Region was specifically mentioned in the Souza Story. The report is still out anyway, Eric Tataw noted. This is about the 100th story National Telegraph reports and it happens exactly the same and almost immediately just after. A case in point was the Mamfe Broad Daylight Attack.

Sangmélima, the third largest town in the South Region (Ebolowa) is Divisional Headquarters of Dja-et-Lobo Division with nine Sub-Divisions ( 1. Sangmélima Urban, 2. Sangmélima Rural, 3.Meyomessi, 4.Djoum, 5. Zoétélé, 6.Meyomessala, 7. Bengbis, 8.Oveng and 9. Mintom.) is bounded by Mvangue, Akono, Ebolowa, Mbalmayo, Mbankomo, Bitam, Ambam, Akonolinga, Ebebiyin, Ngomedzep. Worthy of note is that fact that President Biya comes from Meyomessala Sub-Division precisely from Mvomeka’a and with such an attack, it’s only moderate to say Biya is completely popped and pooped.

Pictures showing evidence of the Sangmélima Attack are found on two screenshots on the Facebook page of Eric Tataw. You can join our WhatsApp Group on +237678688383 and get only reliable, authentic and firsthand hints and stories.

Eric Tataw for National Telegraph, USA.

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