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Ambazonia Restoration Is Of The Lord, Cameroun Is Defeated-Father Gerald Jumbam





In this episode, Father Gerald reminds Ambazonians how this struggle is God ordained and that concerted leadership is a MUST.

The Battle is God’s

There should be no room for anxiety since we are on the right side of history. The independent State of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia would not die. It would never be defeated. The Cameroun republic apparently won the fight of exterminating unarmed civilians, but has not won the battle. The battle is of God and victory is God’s. This God has taken sides with the oppressed and the poor masses and no matter what the oppressor does, the tyrant’s ending will be Goliath’s. Absolutely, the evil day is on us but we are not cynics. God the Almighty is our armor! We were prepared for moments like these. Stand steady in the evil day. Stand up for freedom, for Paul Biya’s criminality shall not have the last word. My rendering of this confidence wells up from unshakeable convictions.

The time for true Ambazonian leadership and statesmanship has therefore arrived. We would know what to do to teach Paul Biya and his surrogates the lesson of their life.

Concerted Leadership a Must

There is need for the Ambazonian to reorganize himself. Let no one deceive you, the resoluteness of our people is among the finest in freedom fighting. We have demolished the nonsensical narratives of the Tchiroma Bakarys and the Atanga Njis as Paul Biya and his conmen look more like rascals and political scalawags. We have with unearthly resilience won a great diplomatic point and whether they like it or not, the world must follow our own narrative and reality. The hard fact is that if we are truly working for our people who day by day are killed and kidnapped and disappearing, we must stop this rivalry and power-monger-leadership and give way for freedom fighting to reign.

We can point to poor direction, bad management of finances and the need for attitudinal change, but these are symptoms of a much treacherous disease – lack of concerted united leadership. The Bible warns us that “Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall.” (Luke, 15:17). Our leadership is betraying us and shouting out disunity for the enemy to hear. Management together with financial maneuvering is the greatest malady. But the Bible also admonishes us to look outside and see and try to be inclusive for “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.” (Luke, 15:23). We would lead nowhere if we do not step aside and rearrange or reorder things. Ambazonian leadership, “don’t agonize, organize”!!!

Mental Independence Achieved

You give us the bad name ‘terrorists’ in other to hang your dogs. You declared war on armless poor people who have risen up like one man with their ‘sticks’ and ‘groundnuts’, have tenaciously fought and are defeating Paul Biya and thugs. Evidence is not their staple. So they go to prejudice, blackmail, brute force, to win their ends. They have flung falsehoods and fallacies on us. The proverb is true: ‘fling dirt enough and some will stick’. Some has stuck on us and it is our duty to regenerate and remodel ourselves and to point the touch of who we truly are. Our job is to use evidence to strip off their fairytales about us, because we have been victims of their slander, calumny and obloquy. With the crop of our writers churned out by destiny, we are taking back our mental and psychological possession and denying to be spat upon, all this with irresistible urgings. And I tell the Cameroun republic this: If you continue to hold us on, you will neither rest by day or sleep by night; because the ghosts of our martyrs will forever haunt your steps.

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