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Cameroun Shot Itself: Abdul Karim disappears days to “Major National Dialogue”



Abdul Karim disappears days to “Major National Dialogue”

By Mbah Godlove

Muslim scholar and ground zero based southern Cameroonain activist Abdul Karim Ali is highly suspected to have being abducted by brutal armed soldiers of French Cameroon. The firebrand Karim, family sources say disappeared recently after a TV interview in which he lampooned the Biya announced window dressing “Major National Dialogue.” A BN source in yaounde suggests that the courageous Biya critic and Ambazonian advocate was whisk off and thrown into SED, a dreaded detention facility in Yaounde.

The last time Abdul Karim Ali appeared in public was during a TV interview in which he expressly stated that,
“All will end on a negotiated settlement between La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons and not dialogue.”

Media reports also say the social critic was summoned by the colonial regime in Yaounde after Karim’s latest TV appearance. It was in this meeting, BARETANEWS has learned, that he was reportedly held captive.

It is not the first time that the colonial administration has kidnapped the Muslim scholar.

Earlier on January 26 2019, he was whisked off by the some unruly LRC uniformed men in old town, a locality in Bamenda II LGA, Mezam County in the Northern Zone.

While at the judicial police, the charismatic muslin scholar, was told that he had no fault, and subsequently released hours later.
“They took me to up station, and I asked what I did and their commissioner said he could not tell what crime I had committed. I lectured them on the history of Southern Cameroons as they appeared ignorant of our plights,” he said.

It remains unclear the reason behind the abduction of the Ambazonian strong man if at all the colonial regime was serious about the upcoming so-called grand national dialogue.

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