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Ambazonia Recognition Should Be A Grassroot Movememt Action-Dr David Makongo




My dear friends, regardless of who scores the goal, it is always the team that takes glory for the victory.

As a people, we must grow up beyond our affiliations and learn to appreciate one another for whatever is done to move forward our quest for freedom and independence.

Despite occasional setbacks and criticisms, you guys must congratulate yourselves for all you have been able to achieve whether as groups or as individuals in order to push for independence. You all have been unbelievably successful given the small human and material resources at your disposal to advance this struggle in the areas of self-defense, humanitarian and the diplomatic fields.

Show appreciation to one another and motivate each other each time someone scores a revolutionary goal for the people of Ambazonia instead of exchanging insults because in the end of it all, it is Ambazonia that still wins. This is not a competition to show who is best but a struggle aimed at achieving full independence for our beloved homeland. We are all committed to this goal.

It is in this regard that l personally want to thank all our organizations that have succeeded to sell our common suffering and common interests to the international community such that they recognize our plight and also recognize us a people under international law.

No matter how small this may look in our eyes, this are the kinds of small drops of rain that make a mighty ocean. No matter how small these international gains may look in the eyes of the beholder, these are the types of baby steps that finally turns a crawling child into a mature person and should therefore, never be taken for granted. If we cannot appreciate small things we can’t appreciate big ones.

As a people, we have to learn from other groups or individuals how and what they did in order to secure successful recognition from different local governments be it in North America or South America. If all of us could be humble, kind and patient enough to learn or share our methodology with others, this struggle will end right now.

If we could all achieve recognition from any local Council where two or more Ambazonians are resident, the United Nations cannot stop this grassroots movement but will only end up supporting and validating our restoration just like others.

The world should see us rejoicing rather than rejecting small positive steps being taken towards the ultimate restoration of our independence. We must all have the mindset of true freedom seekers always ready to celebrate any bad news we hear about the common enemy and also any good news we hear from volunteers of this revolution regardless of what group or individuals achieved it.

The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size but by the length of his commitment to turn the tables and make a difference in the lives and wellbeing of others. If you ever want to be successful with other people, then make sure you master the art of appreciation. Appreciation is the ultimate motivator. Therefore, take time to appreciate yourself even if others fail to appreciate you.

Congratulations to all those who have succeeded in selling our plight and thank you all for all the recognitions received thus far. Stay positive and work even harder in your local Council area abroad in order to secure your own recognition for Ambazonia. But what no one should attempt to do is share misleading information regarding such recognitions because it takes us no where and can only breed contempt whenever people find out the truth.

Let’s cheer up for one another. Let’s make ground zero proud. Regardless of who scores the goal, as long as it is not scored against our own goal post we must cheer up because in the end it is Ambazonia that still wins.

So why step on each other’s throat instead of celebrating each other’s baby steps or drops of water facilitating separation, hurting the occupier and moving this struggle forward towards total independence?

Ambazonians, we are better than this. Let’s grow up now and behave maturely like a people who own their own country.

Let’s make every step count. We all must buy our Amba pins. This move counts. Let’s buy our Amba bonds. This move counts. Buy your CID. This move also counts. In fact, let’s support GZ. This move counts mightily. Lets not blink or make excuses because every move counts. Remember the “never again generation” is not by word of mouth but by our every deed!!



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