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In line with keeping up with the dream of a sustainable Anglophone Cameroon, BaretaNews brings to you all what you need to know about the Southern Cameroons Passport. Read on
1) Why the Passport ?
The passport issue is a strategic act of defiance, alienating us from La Republique Du Cameroun. Also, we are strategically working ahead of time because the Passport is a tool we will need after attaining our goal of INDEPENDENCE.

2) Why the change of name to Ambazonia Passport, why not maintain the name which is historically and legally traced ?
Practically speaking, the name Cameroon easily appeals or draws people’s attention to La Republique Du Cameroun. Logically speaking, Southern Cameroons is mistakenly referred to as the Southern part of Cameroon, so it creates room for too much explanation which is time-consuming. On the other hand, Ambazonia which is derived from Ambas Bay defines us by our geographical location, giving us a unique appellation and would drive curiosity into the mind of any listener. On the issue of legality, it is no problem because in life people do change their names but their date of birth and history does not change, so too our independence date of 1st, October 1961 remains the same and the history of Southern Cameroons remains our history.
3) What are the criteria to apply ?
Criteria would also mean eligibility. This is when one’s lineage and ethnicity is traceable within the confines of our national boundaries.
4) How do you check the credibility of those who applied ?
This is based on the information provided by the applicant. It is important to know that any falsification of information will be punishable and could lead to denial of citizenship.
5) How do you prevent fraud of the Passport?
Our Passport is very unique and carries special features that cannot be duplicated. Any duplicates will be electronically detected.
6) How can one apply ?
The application is easily done online for cost effectiveness. Otherwise, you can download the application form ,fill it in and submit to this address: P.O Box 1252, Upper Malborough MD, USA, 20773. However, this will take longer and cost more. Otherwise, you can do it online at
7) How much is the fee ?
The fee is a relatively small amount of 70 US Dollars, 60 Euro, 46 GB Pounds or 35,000 Amba.
8) How long does it take to reach you once applied ?
We are currently doing mass production in order to reduce cost but it should not take some few weeks before it is delivered to your doorstep. Remember, this is just the first phase of production. We hope any lapses would be adjusted in the future.
9) Does one has to pay for transportation ?
Those in the Diaspora will pay for handling (transport). An exception for those within the national territory
10) What about those who do not own an account?

They can pay through a money transfer agent into the bank account details displayed on the portal Account No: 22997760: Iban GB31 LOYD 3097 9022 9977 60 BIC: LOYDGB21351. Paying through a money transfer agent is more costly. We, however, propose that comrades with bank cards can mediate for those without bank cards.
11) Has any state recognized the Passport?
This is what we are aiming at in our strategic plan on the diplomatic scene.
12) How can the Passport be put to use ?
It is a strategic tool to sell our image to the world and to amplify our defiance from La Republique Du Cameroun. It could be used as at now for identification purposes, to send money abroad. In fact, it is a national pride to own the passport
13) Is there any plans to negotiate with foreign governments in recognising the Passport ?
Yes, it is in our strategic plan.
14) Has the passport been endorsed by SCNC ?
SCNC is aware of our plans.
15) What about some unscrupulous who will want to use it to apply for asylum for their own selfish gains ?
This is where they will be caught up with their own nemesis because whichever government that will want to grant asylum status would obviously seek an affidavit from us and that will not be possible.
16) Can the Bamilekes/Bassas who ran away from Cameroun and settled in Southern Cameroons be eligible to apply ?
Refer to the response to Q3. However, genuine commitment and participation to the course will be a consideration.
17) Any last words ?
We are strategically moving forward with total determination. We are determined to put 3 important assets into the struggle given that a peaceful process would not deliver. These 3 assets include, lives, money and time because the freedom of our nation (Ambazonia) is inevitable and a must. We beckon on all to join in the fight, no room to fear and betrayal. We are backed by truth and we know GOD is on our side.
Interview conducted by Mark Bara, CEO BaretaNews
Responses by Roland Fominyam, Spokesperson , Spokesman, Ambazonia Governing Ciuncil

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