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CPDM Anniversary “Ghosted”: The Consortium Leads



The Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium had called on Southern Cameroonians to boycott the anniversary of the Cameroons People Democratic Movement (CPDM) and observe ghost towns in solidarity with the struggle.

BaretaNews can now report that Ghost towns across cities, villages, and towns in Southern Cameroons were very effective similar to the scenario on Thursday, March 23rd when Southern Cameroons leaders were taken to court. Again, Limbe (Victoria) disregarded the struggle, they carried on with activities though schools remained closed. Reports on the ground revealed, no one saw CPDM members on their party uniforms. It is confirmed places were quiet, shops closed, though few taxis were seen on the move but with few passengers.

In the past, it should be recalled that there is usually a fanfare which usually characterised such a day in Southern Cameroons. On Friday, March 24th such fanfare was 99.999 percent lost. In this line, Mark Bareta, Anglophone Socio-political activist noted:

“Because even satan has followers, we do not expect CPDM to go down this day without making a show at least for crooked CRTV attention. This is why in Bamenda, Tiko and elsewhere in Southern Cameroons, CPDM officials toned down their celebration indoors without any public display. In other areas and villages, celebrations have been completely called off. Ministers who usually travelled to their villages to celebrate this day are mostly stocked in Yaounde. The music has changed. The Consortium leads.”

In a nutshell, ghost towns went as planned by the Consortium and the entire people of Southern Cameroons, schools remained closed and CPDM celebrations largely boycotted.

This report is coming from BaretaNews, the people’s platform.

By Mark Bareta.

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