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Ambazonia Forces Observe Independence Day in Fanfare



Ambazonia Forces Observe Independence Day in Fanfare.

By Mbah Godlove.

Ambazonian Forces have reaffirmed their strong commitment to a free homeland as they commemorate the day of independence in pump and fanfare.

On different celebration grounds across the territory, commanders and soldiers showed their love for the country through public displays.

This was the case in Kumbo, Bali NYONGA, Bafut, Lebialem, Buea, Akwaya and other localities across Ambazonia, Saturday October 1,2022.

Apart from the parades which characterized this year’s national day celebrations, the brave Freedom Fighters also had a moment of communion with the civilian population.

In Bali Nyonga for example, the Ambazonia Forces under the leadership of General Grand Pa, called on the population to collaborate with the to knock out FRENCH Cameroun from Ambazonia.

The reputable commander equally asked the locals to forgive any wrongs they might have committed while defending homeland.

At the end of the day, all fighters pledged to accelerate the struggle to liberate Ambazonia.

Meantime, incarcerated PRESIDENT, Sisiku AyukTabe entreated all Fighters to remain dedicated to the course.

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