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Ambazonia Activist, Mark Bareta Asks Ambazonia Fighter, Oliver To Reconsider Being A fighter, Stripped Him Off Field Marshall Tittle



To The Field Marshall-FM of Lebialem

I have listened sadly to the many audios made by Lekeaka Oliver, FM of Lebialem, the brother to Chris Anu. I have the policy to always leave out our Ambazonia Forces from any criticisms or unnecessary posts on them because their sacrifices are tremendous, but listening to the audios coming from the FM of Lebialem with all types of lies and insults on President Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe, one cannot stay silent anymore. It seems henceforth, we will be commenting openly on acts committed by our forces no matter the name or group. This will surely help them become the best versions of themselves

It was shameful listening to the audios made by FM stating that Sisiku declared the war. I thought it was Biya who declared the war. How come Oliver, FM is saying otherwise? Oliver goes to the extent of saying that Sisiku was taken out of the prison few days back to sign a Federation deal plus all types of lies on Sisiku I could not even say here. President Sisiku is the Face of the Revolution, a last man standing and from the dungeons of Kondengui, he has advanced the revolution 10 times more than what the Pastors Internet Government-PIG of Sako Ikome has done for 2 years now. So any attack on President Sisiku is a direct attack on the revolution and will be faced with the same alacrity.

Let me say it bluntly, a fighter like Field Marshall-FM who claims to be FM of Ambazonia should be a symbol of unity, he should be a symbol that unites ground zero and should be a symbol that calls on the diaspora to collaborate. It is unfortunate that every time this man Oliver comes out, his audios have never been one to admire. It has always been divisive, insults, tribalistic etc. And this is somebody that has murdered 100, 200, 300 Cameroun soldiers in his dream and the Sako-IG supporters will go ranting on media knowing fully well they are outright lies.

And we know that these are coming from Chris Anu-Ikome Sako group. They pray on this once a good fighter to say all these against President Sisiku. These people have so-called impeached President Sisiku, labelled him all types of names, attack his integrity, and family yet they are not done yet. They are just waiting for him to die. Bunch of ungrateful bastards

I am going to do what I have never done and I believe now it is the right thing to do. Therefore, I hereby state forcefully that Field Marshall, Oliver of the Lebialem County is not worthy of the title. He has brought disgrace and shame in the name of the Ambazonia Forces. He has become too partisan and Ambazonia does not need a fighter like him. On my name, on this date, I hereby popularly stripped you of the title of Field Marshall and for the first time, I will ask you to reconsider being an Ambazonia fighter, take a retreat and do a self examination.

I call on all sister forces not to accord him such respect of FM anymore and if necessary pull him out of all defense groups. Oliver may now leave and join his brother and his group in Maryland as a politician so that he can continue the surrogacy there.

Oliver may consider this as a safe passage because I know this plan of action is/was already on the way from his end. Now, Oliver has an excuse: You can now say Mark Bareta asks you to leave and I accept.

Mark Bareta

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