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AGOVC Leader Rubbishes EU Resolution: Says It’s Weak, Hypocritical And Falls Short



EU Resolution, Weak, hypocritical and falls short

My fellow people,

We will not humble pie. More than 4 million people affected (that’s the entire population of Norway and two times the population of Berlin); 1.5 million people needing Humanitarian assistance (that’s three times the population of Luxemburg), more than 700.000 internally displaced; more than 300.000 refugees including those in Cameroun and more than 10.000 dead.

The perpetrator and creator of this statistic is Cameroun and for the EU to purport to call on the arsonist to attempt to put out the fire is shameful.

The EU must be reminded that failure to see us as Ambazonians (a people) and not a geographic location of the perpetrating state is rather fuelling the conflict rather than resolving it. The EU must be reminded that during previous meetings we have spoken with clarity in a way that has eliminated all doubts about the root causes of the conflict and any solution that is acceptable to Ambazonians, brings peace and stability and engenders a post conflict peaceful coexistence.

The EU must align its position to that of other stakeholders determined to resolve the conflict in a way that effectively decolonise Ambazonia and returns Cameroun to its borders at independence.

While we welcome external engagements that exposes the barbarism of the perpetrating state, we reject any cosmetic approach whether in description or prescription that fails to situate the conflict in its rightful realm or resolve it in a way that ends Camerouns occupation of Ambazonia.

Cameroun’s crimes in Ambazonia legally amounts to crimes against humanity, war crimes and culturally amounts to genocide. As a norm setting body the EU must live up to its founding creed and engage positively to terminate this conflict in a way that is satisfactory to our people.

Our team will continue with the engagements, but I call on our people to increase the resistance on Ground Zero designed to forcefully evict a brutal and unrepentant beast from our homeland

Dr Cho Ayaba


Ambazonia Governing Council

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