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What The International Community Should Note While addressing Ambazonians



What The International Community Should Note While addressing Ambazonians

The People of the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) have remain grateful to all the organisations, Partners,  Agencies,  Associations and all Countries that have stood by them in this very momentous period of their History, their just Independence Journey. Every goodwill has been recorded and will forever last in the annals of the Ambazonian history.

Ambazonians have never expected a hundred percent support or perfection from any of the above sympathisers  because,  only she or he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches. That is why,  BaretaNews crew thinks it’s crucial to notify the international community and subsequent helpers of the Struggle on who we really are in few words. 

Each time you address Ambazonia,  a territory as though it’s an integral part of Cameroun,  it gives a wrong message,  misrepresentation and misinterpretation. The nation of Ambazonia or the Southern Cameroons should be called by that name.  It’s the correct appellation NOT North West and South West as the case with many of you. When you call her Northwest and Southwest, Biya and his guys still think there is a possibility for these nations to ever think of unity again which is a mirage.   If you choose to do something good for the New nation, some justice,  just do it rightly. 

Note that before the fraudulent unity of both countries, there was only La Republique Du Cameroun and British Southern Cameroons, those 2 went into a failed Federation and (the Southern Cameroons suffered a split from Yaounde Into NW/SW) that won’t ever be again. Consequently,  to continue addressing the Republic of Ambazonia as the North West and South West,  makes it clear to biya of neighbouring Cameroun to think that he still has that territory. It won’t and can never be. 

We have also called on our international supporters and nations of good faith who love justice and humanity, to articulate the right thing. If you must intervene in the war, it’s not enough telling the stubborn foreign invaders of Yaounde to call for dialogue. Tons of letters, memos, articles, broadcasts etc have been done to stop biya but armour cars still emit smoke in local towns and villages in this West African country. War crimes are still being perpetuated on the people as more troops still invade the country and has caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee. What is needed now is ground work. Talk and act, especially big organisations like U.N, E.U,A.U, not forgetting countries like U.S.A etc. It’s Time to call a spade by its name.

Therefore, each time you articulate on  the Ambazonian case,  do it in all honesty and in the right way to make work lighter.By the right Appellation,  Ambazonians call NW,  Northern Zone and SW,  Southern Zone.It is NOT a fight for peace to return to The North West and South West regions of Cameroon. No!!! The war is Ambazonian War for Independence. If at any point you fear to soil your relationship with Yaounde,  stand on the pillar by demanding for a Referendum for this people,  which is the closest idea to collective justice. 

We keep reminding the Cameroun Nation and the international community of the thirst Ambazonia has for independence.  it’s that which will take them to the grave if need be. As highlighted by Hon.Wirba when both countries  used the same parliament some years ago,  La Republic shall kill  till the last child on the Southern Cameroons soil before taking it that territory. 

Ambazonia is far above North West and South West  under Cameroun.  We are a Nation. Note!!! God bless your support.  We shall remember you very shortly after our walk in the night. 
Sumelong Ekane BaretaNews 

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