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From Classical, Makossa beats to Afropop and Afrobeats

The acronym AFRIMMA represents African Muzik Magazine Awards; it is the main ceremony in the Diaspora that serves African musical genres such as Afropop, Highlife, Afrobeat, Kwaito, Soukous, Lingala, Assiko, amongst other varieties. AFRIMMA is committed to writing the African music story on the world map and the mission is Crossing boundaries with music in aligning with the dream started by African Muzik Magazine.

It brings together artists and talents across the African continent. Generally, the history of the AFRIMMA award can be traced from Eisseman Center, Dallas, Texas, in the United States on the 26th of July, 2014 where the very first edition came to reality. It was indeed history in the making of African music which brought to play performances from Africa’s finest talents like 2baba Idibia, Inyanya, Fally Ipupa, Flavor, Davido, Eddy Kenzo, Alaine, etc etc. Such a great beginning paved the way for yet another edition on the 10th of October 2015.

This was the second edition which brought to the limelight a platform whereby African music talents showcased their abilities in music. The third edition was held on the 15th of October 2016 in the States; this was a mind-blowing edition that saw the coming together of many other African countries who were not very active during the first and second editions.

Cameroon is among those countries recently gaining recognition with a variety of artists making their names and brands known across Africa. This is evident in the number of AFRIMMA nominations Cameroonian Afropop, Afrobeat, and Makossa artists made in this year’s edition. The number of nominations from Cameroon reveals that these artists are indeed great talents and they follow the demands of the contemporary entertainment industry. They are tending to blend makossa, bikutsi, hip-hop, etc to bring to play unique rhymes and beats. Featuring in this year’s nomination list were the following Cameroonian artists;

Best Male Central Africa: Magasco aka Bamenda Boy, Stanley Enow, Franko
Best Female Central Africa: Charlotte Dipanda, Daphne, Reniss
Best Newcomer: Locko
Best Video Director: Mysta Andrenalyne
Best DJ Africa: Dj Labastille
ARIMMA Video of the Year: Stanley Enow ft Aka and Locko- Bounce (Cameroon/South Africa)
Best African Dancer: Brenda Derry
Song of the Year: Franko- Coller la petite

The aforementioned nominees indicated that Cameroons artists are doing very well in Africa’s music industry. During the 2015 edition, Stanley Enow made his name known as he went home with the Best New Act award as against other top Africa’s talents from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Angola, and Tanzania. In this year’s edition, Cameroon PROUDLY went home with two awards;
Best Female Central Africa: Daphne
Best African Dancer: Brenda Derry

In her debut album titled “here to stay”, Daphne is indeed here to stay. She has a delightful and very powerful voice. She has featured with top Cameroonian singers like Ben Decca, Featurist, Ambe among others. Her stage performances are indeed excellent and above all, she is one simple and lovable lady. BRAVO Daphne!!!
In recent years, Cameroon music is shifting from classic old timers Makossa beats to Afropop and Afrobeat or a blend of the classical Makossa with contemporary beats. This change is influenced by the changing demands of the music industry and definitely, our Cameroonian singers are in for it with lots of energy, motivation, and aspirations.

Let’s support our own and continue to make a tremendous impact in Cameroons as well as Africa’s entertainment.

Akame Gerald
Social Analyst, BaretaNews
God is still saying something

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