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Abdul Karim is mentally and physically fine- Barrister Tamfu Richard.





Abdul Karim is mentally and physically fine- Barrister Tamfu Richard.

By Mbah Godlove

Barrister Tamfu Richard says detained Ambazonian activist, Abdul Karim Ali is mentally and physically sound despite his incarceration. The legal mind was speaking in yaounde recently after visiting his client at the Secretary of State for Defense (SED). The lawyer revealed that Abdul Karim, who was rounded up by elements of the French Cameroon military on September 25, had his phone, Laptop and other gadgets confiscated.

The Muslim scholar had just returned from Switzerland where he attended pre dialogue consultative talks with the Swiss government when he was whisked off in yaounde. The colonial regime is accusing him of crimes including Terrorism and Secession. The courageous Abdul on several media outings revealed that no union was binding Southern Cameroons and la Republique du Cameroun.

Religious leaders have called for his release. Several Ambazonians have mounted campaigns asking for his release

Human Right groups have condemned the detention of Abdul Karim, calling it unlawful. Abdul Karim is one out of a myriad Ambazonia citizens languishing in prisons across French Cameroon.

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