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5 La Republique Du Cameroun Blunders







September 19, 2018


FIRST BLUNDER: on October 1, 1961, the Republic of Cameroun and Southern Cameroons got into a de facto “union”: with neither an act nor the terms of “union”. We would not be where we are today if there had been more humility and less posturing so that the parties entered into a legal instrument.

SECOND BLUNDER: Even the de facto “union” itself got terminated in 1972 by the act of the Camerounese party. Posturing was not any less the case here.

THIRD BLUNDER: Granted that the “union” was still subsisting, the Camerounese party SECEDED from the union in 1984. On the basis of might, that very party is today killing on a daily basis large members of the innocent party that the belligerent party, by reasoning in reversal, now terms “secessionnistes/terroristes”.

FOURTH BLUNDER: The Camerounese party consolidated its secession in 1990 when it celebrated its 30th anniversary of independence – from 1960 to 1990. There is documentary evidence to that effect. No one country in the world has two independence days!

FIFTH BLUNDER: The Camerounese party has now imposed the granting of a visa on members of the other (Southern Cameroonsian) party wishing to enter their own country, reserving the right to deny any such entry. It is common sense and common knowledge that visas are necessary only when traveling from one country to another!

Unknown to the Camerounese party, the relevant document has an extremely incalculable and conclusive value! Its place in the legal archives/arsenal is of biblical stature. As it is, the whole world now has fresh irrefutable evidence that innocent Anglophones are called “secessionnistes” only in the same way that you ‘give a dog a bad name and hang it’!

Incidentally, Anglophones have been called DOGS!


Ayah Paul Abine.

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