The Tales of Calistus Fuh: A Cameroun Sponsored Facilitator






BaretaNews Words To LRC Internal Facilitators: Series 1
We at the BaretaNews intend to unveil some facilitators who have being inflicting pain on our people behind the scenes. Some of them have thought that we have not been following up. Our first enemy/LRC facilitator on this page is Calistus Fuh Gentry of Misaje in Donga Mantung County. Presently he is enslaved in the Ministry of Mines and Water Resources in Yaounde.
Slave Callistus Fuh, let your attention be drawn to the fact that your fame is great in Misaje and your evil is public too. We want to bring to your knowledge few items so that you prepare for your defence when we set up Ambazonia. You have exploited the high illiteracy of Misaje to set up a system to keep your own people as slaves, like you as La Republique du Cameroun and this must stop. We have three points to highlights:
First of all, even in the CPDM party where you fellowship, you owe lots of apologies to your people. With the help of your network of slaves from Misaje and Donga in general, you unseated the energetic and development minded major Simon Sunday because he was too intelligent for your thievery. Under bribery secrete oaths of allegiance to you, you flushed out Mr Sunday and brought in Sammy Mgbatta, a man at your beck and call. This change brought change to your person and few of your friends and Misaje has not seen much change. You are gradually moving all state funds from your colonial administration to Chunghe, your quarter at the expense of every Ambazonian who lives in Misaje. This first point is just to let you know that you have a traced record of corruption even against your own people. This surely justifies why at your instructions, Misaje turned out massively to vote for Dictator Paul Biya, our oppressor in an election that The Interim Government had banned. To make the matter worse, you paid people in Misaje for every vote cast for Paul Biya, according to the number of times each voter casted the ballot that day. Prepare your defence.
Secondly, at your personal supervision, Thomas Chaha ( Colonial DO of Misaje) and Ekani Ndzana, ( Colonial Commandant de Brigade of Misaje) are sponging on all Ambazonians in Misaje. Their main targets are those who are not of Misaje origin. They extort huge amounts of money from these poor people and share among themselves like the booty in war. Every driver who manages to come into Misaje is a direct pray to these your agents. Beware and prepare your defence.
Lastly, prepare to face Ambazonia on charges of crimes against humanity for what your thugs are doing in Misaje. They spy on everyone they see and give a report to you and to the murdering military. Your instituted and sponsored thugs caught people in Nkanchi and gave them to the Gendarmes who shot them dead in Kilowe (Bridge Five) and buried them like dogs in one big hole. You and your thugs did not tell anyone about the origin of these Ambazonians. Their families don’t know that the children are gone like that. Keep your conscience awake and prepare your defence before the people of Ambazonia. You claim to represent the people of Misaje like the one eye man in the country of the blind. Do you know how many people of Misaje have been shattered to pieces by the soldiers bullets in Dumbu? We the people of Ambazonia are waiting for you.
All the other Ambazonian slaves who dining with our enemies and have taken an oath to see completely destroyed as a people, must wait for their turns. We are waiting for you. Prepare for your defence before the people of Ambazonia
BaretaNews political desk



  1. Mbeuh

    December 20, 2018 at 12:47 AM

    Dear brother and classmate, what are you doing and why are you doing this to us your people? Why Callistus, why? Selling your own people for a few pieces of silver? Is it worth the lives of your people or you just don’t care? There’s still time to turn around, atone and join this fight for liberation.
    I’ve spoken to a few of our classmates and we’re surprised that you turned out to be so uncaring in contrast to your gentle stature and facial look decades ago. Brother please shun Biya’s money and save your people’s lives. We di daso beg you, please. Biya no like you. He di use you and Philemon Yang and other southern Cameroonians to keep we like ye slaves. Can’t you see? Cam back home ma broda before it is too late.

  2. Chev.

    December 20, 2018 at 2:27 PM

    So you now agree that elections took place well and fine and Biya was voted. Your only chance was to encourage the people of NWR& SWR to vote out Biya and you rather played the rule of a Biya ally by creating so much in security that only pushed every Biya element who could beat the insecurity to vote and zero for the opposition.Stupidity.You are Morons in an age when no human is supposed to be
    ..Acting before thinking.!!!soup!!!
    Stop threatening a patriotic citizen of 1st degree.You are a Biya ally.Everyone of you who rejected voting..

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